Hello Stranger

Hello little Stranger welcome to our world. I was pining away wondering what God would bring on this new path we were heading down. Would I have a call in the night for a little baby or a sibling group? Weeks had passed and I was getting worried why we never got a call after …

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The Child No One Wanted

Imagine getting that call that changes life as you know it forever! Yeah, I considered myself pretty selfless yet once I took on this amazing life changing call, I learned a new level of selflessness. Alex. This little guy who was all head, not much body, kicking, scratching, punching the day I met him, somehow …

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No Greater Joy

No greater joy is a magazine for family life!!! I used to do graphic and photography work for them years ago and lived among their community. We had some of the wildest and special times raising our family there. I love Mikes Bible teaching!!! I recently bought his entire MP3 of all his verse by …

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Truth and Victory

Mind Blowing Story…Many of you stood with us when we asked for your support to protect our beautiful pure Lick Creek waterway from using it as a conduit for waste management in other neighboring counties. They proposed to dump their waste treatment waters into it. We thank you for your prayers!!! What I am about …

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Introducing Megan

Hey! My name is Megan Barrett, second born daughter to Erin. My mom asked molly and I to write for her blog, and I think it’s going to be so fun! My mom is a huge inspiration to me! I hope I can impart even just a fraction of the wisdom that she imparts to …

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Introducing Molly

Hello! My name is Molly Higurashi, I am Erin Harrison’s daughter. My mom asked if my sister and I could join her on this blog and thought it would be so cool if we could all share about the things that we are learning in this season of our lives. I am so excited to …

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