How to Make Pickles

We had quite the prolific garden this year.  I give all the glory to God because it was just unbelievable how much fruit was pulled from the vines.  I have never seen such a generous production.  There were many people in our community that either could not garden or their garden was not producing well, …

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Extreme Hospitality

Tips on Tuesday…Hospitality For history last week, we went on a field trip to the historical battlefield of Franklin, one of the last and bloodiest civil war battles.  When I think of hospitality, I think of pretty dishes on my table, a warm meal to serve, and pleasant company to pass the time, not blood …

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Etiquette for Events

Since the beginning of time we have had banquettes where there has been times of gathering people together in one place.  The kings and queens of times past had their fine halls where a whole host of courtiers and people of importance were called upon to join in the festivities. Many of us do not …

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