No Greater Joy

No greater joy is a magazine for family life!!! I used to do graphic and photography work for them years ago and lived among their community. We had some of the wildest and special times raising our family there. I love Mikes Bible teaching!!! I recently bought his entire MP3 of all his verse by

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Let Them Help

It’s so precious for me to see our little farm girl with her daddy helping. She looks for any way she can help and she says “me? Help you?” and then she nods her sweet head while she says “yup. Yup. Yup! help you!” and she helps us! It’s so cute! It’s so important to

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Hello Stranger

Hello little Stranger welcome to our world. I was pining away wondering what God would bring on this new path we were heading down. Would I have a call in the night for a little baby or a sibling group? Weeks had passed and I was getting worried why we never got a call after

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Amish Wedding

Yesterday I was at an Amish wedding for the day. I have been to them before, but this time I really tried to pay close attention to how they do their weddings. An Amish wedding is an event that they plan in a short time. They have a courting period where the young man visits

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