A New Path for Us

As we walk through life, sometimes paths change.  Sometimes so unexpectedly that you get caught off guard.  Others think you are crazy when you start something and you have to stop in the middle of a great plan and redirect the course.  Sometimes I get it into my head that I will NEVER do one …

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Tea Time and Talk Show: Prov 31:16 pt 2

LIVE Talk Show: Today we will dig a bit deeper into Proverbs 31:16. Do you struggle with balancing a home based business that takes you off your course at home? Does your husband want you to work? What does the Bible say?https://youtu.be/d1yaudTCkTg

Tea Time and Talk Show Proverbs 31:16 pt 1

LIVE Talk Show…Today we will be discussing Prov. 31:16 and how we can plant a vineyard as a wife and mother. What is your vineyard? Does it mean you have many businesses? What does God’s word say about this?https://youtu.be/aw2yV0K815U

Toasted Custard

Sunday morning tradition: the toasted custard!!! I topped mine with cranberries which is my favorite! What is your Sunday morning tradition? Here’s my Toasted Custard recipe… It’s so easy!!! 8 eggs ???????? 2 cups milk ? ? 2 cups flour ? ? Pinch salt  1 tsp vanilla Preheat oven 400, put one stick of butter …

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How to Make Pickles

We had quite the prolific garden this year.  I give all the glory to God because it was just unbelievable how much fruit was pulled from the vines.  I have never seen such a generous production.  There were many people in our community that either could not garden or their garden was not producing well, …

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Tea Time & Talk Show Hospitality Pt 9

LIVE Tea and Talk Show today discussing more on hospitality; What about when you reach out in hospitality and you feel used and abused? We will find out how to deal with these situations today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt2GJcMTav4

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