The Child No One Wanted

Imagine getting that call that changes life as you know it forever! Yeah, I considered myself pretty selfless yet once I took on this amazing life changing call, I learned a new level of selflessness.

Alex. This little guy who was all head, not much body, kicking, scratching, punching the day I met him, somehow captured our hearts in a miraculous way!!!!

Pearl, (one of my best friends, besides my Jesus, my husband, my children, Vange, my parents, and you get the picture…she’s up there with the best people in my life…) asked me to be a guest on her “poddy” which is New Zealand for Podcast for Trim Healthy Mama.

I hope you will enjoy this very candid conversation about how we met, how we share a grandchild and then, THEN, the story of how we chose Alex, and how God chose us for him!!!

Also, I made a couple Reel videos that you can watch after you listen to see the journey captured over time! After I created these videos I even cried bc sometimes progress seems slow with special needs children, yet in three short years a child literally went from being disabled to being ABLE! It’s a miracle!

And this is what our morning routine looks like… so so sweet

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