Bringing Back Traditional Womanhood

This is a cotton pioneer dress I made some years ago and I recently found it in my basement storage. Wow, there is nothing like a good old fashioned practical work dress to make a lady feel like a queen!

Lately in society there has been a shift away from traditional roles and the dress of a woman, and if I may, I would like to start a trend back to those ideals and styles of yesteryear!

Some might think it’s too old fashioned, but what we wear even around the home sets a tone. Dressing like a pioneer woman or even a 1940s style just makes me feel like doing home keeping, baking, and mothering. It’s just fun.

Attention!!!! For the sensitive ones: I am not saying anyone has to dress like me. You might think, “oh man, I would NEVER dress like a pioneer or anything like that bc A. I am not into that sort of thing. B. It’s too frumpy for me. Or C. I just can’t EVEN.”

Still to those sensitive ones out there, bc you know there always has to be that one or two gals out there that get offended if anything isn’t exactly worded perfectly for their tender ears….Nor am I saying anything about how YOU dress. Or judging anyone. I am just saying I have noticed a trend lately that blends the genders and I am trying to make a trend in my own life to tend towards being a peculiar looking lady which you can’t mistaken as a women. And I love the traditional role of a woman. A keeper of the home!!!

To the not so sensitive gals… would you like to have me make a comeback to the talk shows and discuss the traditional ways of women?

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6 thoughts on “Bringing Back Traditional Womanhood”

  1. I’ve been contemplating this: Dressing in a distinctively feminine way in the midst of so much gender neutrality and androgyny in fashion. I’ve bought more skirts and dresses and plan to wear them often, even over jeans. It’s so refreshing to see you write a blog post with a similar heart. Enjoy feminity. It is splendid!

  2. I cook naked in an apron often, we live in the woods, he likes it, feel like this applies here.

    I do this because I hate being hot in the summer,.I have Lyme and hate things touching my skin, I bought a house in the woods so I could do naked things, BUT I do this partially deliberately for him.

  3. Carla D. Tedford

    I think that is a wonderful idea! I am just beginning to try and find my own way, I would love to have a guide.

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