No Greater Joy

No greater joy is a magazine for family life!!! I used to do graphic and photography work for them years ago and lived among their community. We had some of the wildest and special times raising our family there.

I love Mikes Bible teaching!!! I recently bought his entire MP3 of all his verse by verse messages from the New Testament. His preaching is something else! I am so thankful for it because so much of Gods word has been adulterated with fanciful soft interpretations of mans own ideas of what he wants it to mean. What their itching ears want to hear yet void of truth. I love how Mike just takes the Bible as is! That is what I have always tried to do.

The true word for word Bible cuts through deception which runs rampant in our present society. especially in the church. It’s sad how far people have deviated from truth.

I love their advice for training children and tying strings of fellowship with your children. I have noticed year after year more and more mothers buying into the worlds philosophy on child rearing. Children running rampant with complete and utter disregard for others. I see more and more children sassing parents, and other adults.

Most women get offended if you try to help encourage them to train their children. I have had to learn some tough lessons about my own pride as I have tried to shake people up and demand them to listen. Lol. God has his ways of humbling me!

Yet, I still stand for truth! I do believe training children to mind and to be respectful toward others is not only Biblical but a very important principle. It is foundational to the family picture that God gives us.

It was 22 years ago when someone gave me the Train Up a Child book and it has giving me so much encouragement through raising my first five children. I could go anywhere with the little five children and they would listen more than they would disobey. They were never perfect, no children are, but it’s a wise parent that offers nurture and admonition when their child goes astray.

I have been having a new set of challenges raising my two special needs children yet these same principles are always ringing into my mind. More is caught than taught! consistency and spending time working together has been something I learned.

There are times I feel weary of the constant training and teaching but I know that I am going to reap a reward! I am reaping such great rewards from the first five which we raised.

I see fruit! Lots of glorious fruit. Two daughters living the keeper of the home life, now baking, cleaning, sewing, loving and training their own children. Children working with them side by side. They love being mothers. That is a beautiful in a world where the lines of gender are so blurred out of proportion.

Debi is a wise Titus 2 older woman teaching the younger generations of women about loving their husbands and children! She even has a great book I used a lot for healing my special needs children’s brains! It’s called create a better brain!

If you haven’t already heard of this great ministry, jump over to to read their newest magazine!

They are now offering my Living Virtuously Book

as well as the entire collection of our Homesteading for Beginners DVDS.

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2 thoughts on “No Greater Joy”

  1. My son who is 25 would like to find a like-minded Christian gal. Traditional values seem to be disappearing from society rapidly. We live in rural South Dakota and many find country life to be unattractive as well. If you know of any resources my son could use, I would appreciate hearing of them.

  2. Hello Erin! My name is Jaela Anderson. I have been trying to find an email to email you but I cannot seem to find one. I dont use Facebook but I do check your website and Facebook page from time to time and it is always so encouraging! I really enjoy your posts. I love biblical womanhood and being bold for the roles God made for man and women. Id love to chat somehow with you. I am a young wife and mother of 3 under 3! I dont have an older women in my life so I learn a lot from you and Nancy Campbell. She is so darling! Anyways.. thank you for being bold. The Lord is so pleased with that. Ladies need to come back to homemaking and modesty! I threw away ALL my pants about 4 years ago now and went to the thrift store to find dresses and skirts only… it has been life changing. I want to glorify Jesus and my husband loves it too. The truth is the truth. People need a little more boldness for the Lord in their lives.

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