Natural Recipes

Raw Grainless Granola

This is my favorite healthy cereal recipe ever!  I have been making this for our breakfasts for years now and we never get tired of it.  The nutrient value of this raw grainless granola is far above most other breakfast options.  Some people are sensitive to grains or they are trying to shed some unwanted …

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Simple French Toast

French toast is one of those things I never think about because it is so easy.  I always remind myself that there are others out there, especially young growing girls that never learned.  This is the type of recipe that would be easy for girls ages 5 and up.  I made a very short video …

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Pioneer Cookies

Want to feel like a Pioneer today?  We were studying all about the Pioneer days of old and did some research on what sorts of things people would use to create meals or even cookies.  They didn’t seem to have a lot of access to sugar so they typically used molasses or raw honey and …

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Chicken Pot Pies

After discovering our tasty little treats called the Apple Pie Treasures, we knew the next thing to make would be these little yummy chicken pot pies! Using the same flaky dough and a delicious thick chicken stew for the inside,   I hope you all enjoy these as much as my family and I do! …

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