Truth and Victory

Mind Blowing Story…Many of you stood with us when we asked for your support to protect our beautiful pure Lick Creek waterway from using it as a conduit for waste management in other neighboring counties. They proposed to dump their waste treatment waters into it. We thank you for your prayers!!!

What I am about to share is going to blow your mind. This past Monday I attended a court hearing in which they were attempting to pass an action to supposedly get a new sewer system for our local public schools. They wanted everyone to believe that this was FOR THE CHILDREN.

Many of our friends stood up before the meeting to cry out against it and to say it was the TROJAN HORSE to fool us into thinking one thing while they take money and line their pockets only to make the dumping of waste into our creek the end goal. If this would have passed the fight would have been over. We would have lost our beautiful creek forever.

It’s crazy to think how corruption begins and how this is only a microcosm of a bigger corruption. People of both political affiliations in our community banned together to expose the corruption and those that would capitalize off this atrocity. So, FOR THE CHILDREN (I am sure you’ve heard this type of phrase before: LOCK THE COUNTRY DOWN, stay home FOR GRANDMA) but it really means, FOR THE MONEY!!!!

When our commissioners all casted their votes, the presiding man over the hearing came down and he pointed his finger at those who would line their pockets and the same ones who would lose their jobs if they didn’t Vote to pass this action. It’s plain to see how money corrupts people’s good morals.

If that’s possible on this small of a scale in our little Hickman County, can you please open your mind to the idea that this happens in much bigger places like on a national scale or even on a global scale?

The same people who own the drug companies also are connected by funding to the judicial system, the eduction system, and the media. Can you stop and think for a moment how they get GOOD people to follow their agenda without these people questioning them? They own it all, they control it all, in the name of morals. And we pay for it.

Funny how the Democratic Party’s main value is CHOICE. It is crazy how they fight for a woman’s right to choose to KILL her unborn baby, yet if a woman chooses to keep her child, once the child is in school that same woman who could have CHOSE to end their life has zero CHOICE if that child wants to get gender mutilation to change its gender, and that Poor child and the mother in some settings, ran by DEMOCRATS may have no CHOICE but to receive the next experimental drug 💉 that they say you must get to PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!! Yet the same people PUSHING this make billions of dollars when you comply and do as you are told. FACTS.

Same media outlet who guilt trips you to get the injection at the commercial break says it’s brought to you by the same drug company who gets paid to give that medicine to you. Don’t you see how it works? It’s so easy for me to see, plain as day, yet anyone who questions this is said to be a right wing extremist or a conspiracy theorist. And I am no expert, I am not political, I am just a homemaker and I can see this corruption.

I saw a lot of corruption while I was fostering Alex and I exposed a lot of stuff that happened to Keep him drugged up and in a hospital bed for the rest of his life. It’s hard to swallow. I know. Take a deep breath. Open you mind a wee bit more, because you don’t want to cast your vote wrongly this November. God sees all of this. People perish for their lack of knowledge—all the time. They trust those talking heads on their TV screen and those on their hand held devices.

People trust the doctors. But please see that if I would have trusted Alex’s many specialists who told me to accept him how he was, his quality of life would have been just awful! They are good doctors, yet sometimes they make the wrong call. They are human. Oversight happens and money causes a lot of GOOD people to make choices to keep jobs or keep their power. And there is also blackmail which I am sure was a part of our LICK CREEK hearing.

It’s confusion, you must admit!!! Satan is the author of confusion.
Based on the BIBLE alone, let’s just use our common sense in our moral capabilities given by God. These powerful ones who are billionaires who run ALL MEDIA PLATFORMS, THE EDUCATION SYSTEM, THE GOVERNMENT.. do not care about any of us. Don’t make the mistake in believing they do.

Vote with your moral compass not your political loyalty.

Don’t cast your vote for Satan… who loves the sacrifice of children, promotes killing the babies in the womb. It’s a satanic cult run by witchcraft and perverts who like to confuse genders and get people to throw away the creative genius of our God who created male and female.

There is even so called Christian churches inviting drag, very sexually explicit individuals up on the alter to applaud their way of not conforming to the world. Twisting and perverting scriptures as if we are conforming to the world when we adhere to genders given at birth. How diabolical. That’s how they say it means to be transformed. PUKE!!! Such disgusting LIES! That is how Satan works! Don’t follow him! He will be thrown in hell in the last days and he wants to take as many people with him as he can, please don’t be one of them.

I should not even have to point this out bc you would think people, good people would automatically pick up on this kind of malarkey, yet it’s mind blowing how many people will read this post and turn there nose up and label me as the crazy one. Okay okay okay… let me say one more thing…and then I will go back to singing and dancing with Alex and Kathryn…

In the last days, even the elect will be deceived. I see that happening. Its not being virtuous to follow after these evil agendas and God is not mocked! If you Vote Democratic these days you are voting for Satans cult church. I know some of you are old true blue democrats, born and raised. But the agendas right now are not like the ones your parents and grandparents voted for. The Democratic Party and even some paid off Republicans who support their satanic agendas HATE GOD, worship the earth and want to control the population, love to sacrifice babies, mutilate children, and lock up anyone who disagrees with these things. Make no mistake, they hate GOD.

You can tell a tree by its fruit. Jesus loves the children. God wins in the end. All of this shall pass but the word of God is eternal and his ways are greater than our ways. We should trust him and not our favorite news outlets. To God be the Glory!

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