Memoirs of a Keeper: Angels & Demons

The moment so many have been waiting for is finally here! Two years have passed since I embarked on writing my full life story. Its a crazy journey to undertake such a task, I must confess. I had to relive my 44 years so I could retell the tales that I know will change others lives. There is power in the testimony—the stories. I laughed, I cried, I poured my soul into these pages you are about to read. Some stories are so bizarre you will have to read them twice just to see if you got it right in your mind. Those that already read it have said it kept them captivated. Some have even said the stories had set them free from their own self destruction. May God bless you through my stories!

Memoirs of a Keeper: Angels & Demons

by Erin Marie Harrison

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  1. Hello!! I want to ask you over 100 questions, but my main one is can i still train my children if i am 44 and range from 11 to 19 months old? I see mistakes in tbe oldest (only girl), and the rest boys. Is it too late?

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