The Key to Lasting Love

On Monday we celebrated 24 years. While the world looks on and wonders how we lasted that long, I say it is simply because we have placed our lives in Gods perfect design for a man and a woman.

In a world where it’s so fashionable to be gender fluid…(it’s not as popular as they make it out to be, but nonetheless, it’s a hot topic these days) I embrace the roles that we have. I love that he is a man, a manly man who is out working. I don’t want a man who is like a woman. I don’t need a sensitive man to make me happy and cater to my feelings.

I don’t need those things because I know who I am and am here to shine for Jesus, be the woman he created me to be. I am not created to compete with my husband but to complete him. I am not designed to do his work. I am rather fashioned for other things. To be a nurturing mother, a keeper of the home, resourceful, a healing touch, a warm embrace, and a helper to my man.

How do I help? I help by not being needy and clingy, an emotional basket case. Yeah, I used to be like that and it prevented so much adventure and fun when I was rather self absobed. I do declare… the best marriages are when you have no expectations.

It’s so simple yet most miss it. It’s so basic. It’s what Jesus taught…Deny yourself! Pick up your cross and follow Him!!! Denying yourself is the Key! When he doesn’t have to make ME happy, or worry about offending ME, he can focus on the things that need doing. I am happy because I focus on what really matters, being a light in my home and shining for Jesus.

Everything I do I do for his great name. It’s so cool! Washing dishes is worship, feeding children is like a dream come true, making a meal is a love affair of true heavenly praise, and it all comes together like a poem and a song over my life.

Everyone that comes into my home feels the peace and joy and the light! It’s glorious. We chose not to buy into the deception of living life for ourselves, but rather we chose to live life together to shine for Jesus.

And the cool thing is that it’s right there easy to find if your looking. Just deny yourself.

We enjoyed a special evening together dining in the sky, 200 feet over the valley on a beautiful patio my husband built for our neighbors. What a blessing.

We bought some take out Mexican and I packed up some plates, silverware, flowers, candles, and some pretty glasses. All those little touches added to the splendor of it all.

I had some soft Spanish guitar music playing on a little speaker and it became such a dreamy romantic time spent with the love of my life! To God be all the glory!

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