Savory Crock Pot Oriental Chicken

Today was church Sunday and we had a beautiful family home cooked breakfast, all sitting around the table.  There is something special about Sunday mornings, fellowshipping with my family around the table and the excitement of learning more about God’s word.

After we filled our bellies with a good nourishing meal and our hearts with warm conversation, we had to hustle to get the crock pot filled.  Every Sunday morning I not only prepare a big breakfast to bless my family, giving them my first fruits, but I also prepare a large crock pot full of nutritious food to share with our church family.

The thoughts that swirl in my mind before I throw a tasty meal together are these…

  • It has to be quick for me since I do not have a lot of time
  • It has to be healthy
  • It has to taste amazing

Savory Crock Pot Oriental Chicken was the result!

  • 1 cup chicken
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 2 bags of fresh shredded Cole slaw
  • 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil
  • seasonings (salt, pepper, onion powder, to taste)
  • Optional… (1/4 cup Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, 2 T of sesame oil, 2 eggs scrambled, 1 bag of frozen veggies, and 4 cups brown rice)

When I was wondering what I was going to make, I scanned the refrigerator for any leftover meats that I could extend.   I spotted two chicken thighs in the gelled stock from the other night when we had a good old fashioned chicken dinner.  It is simply amazing how you can make two little chicken thighs be repurposed into a FULL crock pot for a large crowd.  It feels like Jesus multiplying the bread and fish to feed the 5000.

First I dumped the blob of chicken and broth into the crock pot and warmed it up just by putting the pot on HIGH.

After all the gel melts into a gorgeous golden bone broth, I start picking out the bones, cartilage, and skin.

I reserved the bones and skin into a bowl to be used to make some homemade dog food.  This process only takes a couple minutes and that way nothing goes to waste.  It’s the Homestead WAY.

I separate the rest of the larger chicken pieces quickly with my tongs…

Next, I just dumped shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, and celery into the pot.  You can certainly shred your cabbage.  I often do. 

Super time saving tip!

Today, I was in a bit of a rush so what I did was opened a few bags of raw Cole slaw from Aldi.  They are around a $1 for a bag and in a pinch they are great for adding into soups and things like this.  It is just a dump in and go type meal then.  I added a 1/4 cup of coconut oil, and seasonings (onion powder, salt, and pepper to taste), stirring everything together nicely.

You can eat the meal like this.  Just like this.  Let the mixture slowly cook together all the amazing goodness until the cabbage is tender and you have a winner.  It’s quick, it’s healthy, it’s delicious, and super fast!

BUT, I never stop just there.  I am such a glutton for creativity and I am always up for the challenge to feed as many people out of my crock pot as I can.

For the church meal I went FULL Oriental style, so I added some left over scrambled eggs from breakfast (about 1 cup worth) and some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.  You can even add a splash of sesame oil for that even more authentic oriental flavor.  I even added a bag of frozen veggies from Aldi (carrots, peas, beans, and corn).  Dump, dump, dump—EASY!

While I was putzing around with the chicken, I put about 3 cups of brown rice to a boil in 6 cups of water.

In the end, I did toss the rice in with the savory cabbage chicken mixture and it went over quite well.  Some of you have a lot of children to feed so adding the rice is a smart idea.  Others might like to have rice on the side so the family can either take just the oriental chicken or they can add a bit of rice to it.  It is flexible, that is for sure!





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