How to Make Pickles

We had quite the prolific garden this year.  I give all the glory to God because it was just unbelievable how much fruit was pulled from the vines.  I have never seen such a generous production.  There were many people in our community that either could not garden or their garden was not producing well, so we were able to give hundreds of pounds away each day.  

It is all from the hand of God and we are so blessed to share.  That’s the nice thing about this garden.  It not only has been blessing our family, it seems to be a blessing to others too.

My friend, Vange’s son had this terrible burn on his face from a hot radiator spraying him, and she found out cucumber juice could jump start the healing process internally for him.  Just when this all happened, we were hauling baskets full of cucumbers.  It is amazing how the Lord provides.  I keep thinking, God knew they would need these cucumbers for Arrow’s face, so he just made our garden produce a bumper crop this season.

Even so, after giving the majority of them away, I still have them popping up each day.  I invited Owen and Evie out for a nice chicken dinner and to can some pickles.  Evie showed me how she does it.  We have made lots of pickles in the past, but it was fun learning her tried and true recipe.  I filmed it all so that I could share it with all of my readers as well.  Here is the video…

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