Natural Recipes

Trimming Banana Bars

This is an old family favorite.  These banana bars are so great for breakfast or even a nice little snack! These delectable bars will also help boost your energy.  Eating these will make you feel so great and the best thing about them is that you can just eat a bar without worrying about your …

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Bok Choy Blessings

I is crazy how big our Bok Choy has become.  Thirty-six plants ready at the same time is a big deal because they can all bolt at the same time if you just leave them out there and do nothing.  I tied my apron on, grabbed a knife and just started hacking them off above …

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Bountiful Bok Choy

After a rest of four full days with the compost tea soaking into the soil, the plants have doubled in size.  We put down the fabric in the isles to cut down on the weed population.  It just saves time, folks!  I mean, when you have a large scale garden, you just need to pick …

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