Garden in Full Tilt

After our long journey out west, we came home to a garden that was exploding with produce.  We could not pick it fast enough.  It was all hands on deck over here!  We had to plan out the canning, the meals, the freezing, and whether or not we had enough to sell!  There was such …

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Our Garden Tour

We have never had such a nice garden I just had to make a video to let you actually tour it. I was so glad that Owen helped us put the steaks onto our garden signs.  They just look so adorable out there at the end of the rows.  I am smitten! Here is our …

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Bok Choy Blessings

I is crazy how big our Bok Choy has become.  Thirty-six plants ready at the same time is a big deal because they can all bolt at the same time if you just leave them out there and do nothing.  I tied my apron on, grabbed a knife and just started hacking them off above …

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Bountiful Bok Choy

After a rest of four full days with the compost tea soaking into the soil, the plants have doubled in size.  We put down the fabric in the isles to cut down on the weed population.  It just saves time, folks!  I mean, when you have a large scale garden, you just need to pick …

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Killer Cows

There is never a day that goes by on our homestead that there is not an adventure!  I only share just a little bit of what we experience on a daily basis but I thought it would be fun to share some adventures we had while family was staying with us.   Mark’s sister and …

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Back to the Land

There is something to having your own land.  A connection you feel in your bones to the land.  Our forefathers for centuries claimed their land because it was the one thing they could posses this side of heaven.  The one thing that they could tend and keep, and the only thing they had that they …

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