A Lamb is Born

As our family was remembering the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, a perfect spotless white lamb was born to Megan’s ewe.  We never kept sheep before so this was a major event for the family.  We were planning to shear the sheep soon because we thought they would lamb in May.  It weighs no

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Simple Soap

To be able to make your own simple soap it such a great skill to know.  Lately, I learned how to make soap from a soap making friend.  She taught me some basic principles and I was on my way to making my OWN soap.  My husband made a wooden mold for me and I

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Meat Canning

We have been so busy the last weeks with butchering and canning with our Amish friends.  I used to think canned meat was such a gross thing.  I was worried it would make me sick somehow.  After getting to know the Amish for the last 8 years, I have tried many of their main dishes

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