Erin’s Original Super Green Story & Giveaway!

When I was a young mother living on the homestead and making ends meet, keeping my family healthy was a great need.  I had 5 beautiful little children at the time.  We grew most of our food because we wanted to know where our food came from and have the opportunity to teach our children some great skills along the way.   I was always concocting things with herbs and things that were created by God to heal different health issues.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so that was the birth of my “Erin’s Super Green Drink mix”. After much research, I developed Erin’s Super Green Drink Mix that contains 28 different herbs that contain a balance of nutrition that tops any multivitamin you can buy on the market for literally half the price. When this is mixed into a smoothie, you can rest assured knowing the kids are getting the benefits daily. With the knowledge that we should be getting our 5-6 serving of veggies a day, breakfast is the one meal most people forget to add them too. A typical American breakfast consists of eggs, meat, bread, cereal, yogurt, milk, or fruit. If you add a few tablespoons of my Super Green Drink Mix to an entire smoothie, kale, or spinach, you have a very healthy power packed smoothie that contains at least a couple servings of your much needed greens without the struggle.

Adding the nutrients to a delightfully creamy smoothie is just the perfect fix. My kids never turned down a smoothie even when I sneak in the super greens, in fact, they beg for more. If there ever is any smoothie left in the blender, I quickly fill up popsicle molds and pop them into the freezer. The kids think it is a special treat to have a “smoothie pop” after each meal. They are getting more servings of probiotics, fruit, veggies, and herbs. It makes a mother feel good to know her children are getting the nutrition they need as they grow.

Here is the Super Berry Green Smoothie Popsicle Recipe... (zoom in to read if you need to)

Here is the history…

Because I knew other families wanted ways to get nutrition into their diet, I taught people how to make these amazing Super Greens from home by buying packets of dried powdered herbs in bulk and mixing them in tubs.  I showed people how on our Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 2 DVD (2011). People still laugh at the video of my powdered brew and how I was dancing in the cloud of dust, LOL!

So many people jumped in for the fun and because they had a hard time making such huge batches they started to buy it from our little online store in packages that were much smaller.  Other companies asked if they could mix it and sell it.  They kept my name on it as I had requested.  I never asked for anything in return from them because I was just happy to know that I helped others get this amazing blend, which has always been my heart’s desire.  

Many people would contact me because they were having a hard time getting it when it would oftentimes be out of stock or when they were scared they would not be able to get it any longer.  As always, I wanted to make sure they felt secure that I will continue to supply them come rain or shine! Because I was the original creator of this lovely product, I felt it was my God given duty to make sure they could keep getting it.  I know first hand that it is not fun to run out of a good thing that your health and family depend on.  The homesteader in me saw a need and when there is a need, I love filling it.  

I decided more recently that I would like to offer it again in my store because I want to ensure that the love I first created this mix with stays in every batch from my heart to yours.  I want families to know that we know where all our herbs come from, we put the effort into making sure they get the highest quality herbs we can find grown by people just like our family who have a love for growing plants that will heal the nations.  It is important to us to support growers all over the world who are passionate about health like we are.

Now for the Fun Part…

To celebrate my favorite Super Green Mix, I am having a Giveaway for a package of my Super Green Drink Mix.  I can’t wait to see who wins and I will be announcing the random winner on March 12th.  Click on the link below to enter to win!
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Just for a reminder…

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25 thoughts on “Erin’s Original Super Green Story & Giveaway!”

  1. I’m just becoming familiar with your store and blog, so not sure what I like best. I know I appreciate your book, “Living Virtuously” and also enjoy your Super Green Drink (which I’d love to win! 🙂 ).

  2. Erin,
    It is so uplifting to read that God’s grace has given you the power to choose His vision of your dignity and worth, despite all the forces of evil in your life that have tried to suffocate your heart and soul. I am grateful that you have chosen to step out and reclaim the dignity that comes from motherhood and the gift from God that each child is. I am grateful that you are leading other women by your example to claim their own dignity as given by God. I am grateful that you desire to feed your family the healthiest food you can for the nourishment of their bodies because it encourages others to strive after the same goals. Finally, I am grateful that you proclaim loudly that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life and your soul and your heart!
    May you continue to be an instrument of His healing love and mercy for all He places in your path.

    1. Everything you said is so precious to me. I truly am so grateful for all the the Lord has given me and taught me through my stories. He is the giver of LIFE and JOY. It is priceless but comes with giving up everything to follow him. I pray it is an encouragement to you! Oh, yes, there is nothing more precious and important to my life other than JESUS! He is my all in all and everything I live for. To him be all the glory! God bless you for saying such encouraging words to a fellow sister in Jesus!
      ~Erin Harrison

  3. I would love to try a sample! Im bad for buying things labeled “healthy” and hating it and it goes in the trash.

  4. This looks so good and healthy. I really want to try it soon. I enjoy your face book talk show and your blogs on how to homestead.

  5. You are so fun to listen to and I love how you try to see everything positive and add humor. Such an inspiration. Thank you!

  6. So glad you are carrying the Super Green Mix again!! I followed you on the old website for years, and I am loving this new format! Found you initially via Shoshanna and your videos! Have loved following your journeying through beginning to live with the Amish and following. Most of all, I love your REALNESS!!!

  7. You always have very informative stories on here. Love that! You are also down to earth and always trying to help people.

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