New Seasons for The Homestead

Seasons change on the homestead just like the seasons of our lives.  Our life has been through many seasons and God has been so faithful through them all.  Over the years, we have been able to learn the art of self-sufficiency and how to work hand-in-hand with our family to put food on the table.  In the uncertain times we live in, it never hurts to have a few of these time-tested skills under your belt.  These skills have been passed from generation to generation since the beginning of time.  With the age of technology, some people have lost their way, forgetting how to live off the land and work together for a common good.  People are becoming less connected even though we are all systematically connected by the internet in so many different ways.  We are excited to share all the skills we have learned throughout the years. There is a certain sense of self-worth and dignity you get when you can make your own way and build a life with your own hands. Our God put us in a garden to tend and to keep it. He created us to create because it brings us closer to a bigger purpose.  Above all, we want to give you a sense of community that will make everyone stronger when we work together.  The homesteading lifestyle is a tangible way to build purpose, life, healing, and human connections.

With the help of our family, friends, and community, Mark and I are so excited to open our new Keeper of the Homestead website. With this new website, Mark and I hope to share what we have learned over the years about being self-sufficient.  The great thing we have learned about homesteading is that no matter where you live, country or city, you can become more self-sufficient.  Our goal is to assist people from every walk of life relearn forgotten skills that our forefathers used. In each part of the homesteading adventure, we will offer plenty of videos where everyone can enjoy watching and learning.       

This new website will offer a store with plenty of herbs, spices, herbal teas, books, and videos, along with an online community and many other homesteading tools. On this website, we will also share helpful skills throughout the week including: 

  • Homesteading (animal husbandry, gardening, canning and preserving, farm to table cooking, country crafts)
  • Homemaking (baking, cleaning, organizing, decorating)
  • Homeschooling (lesson planning, ideas, resources)
  • Home Repair (fixing things around the house, DIY projects)
  • Home Improvement (planning, creating, building things)
  • Home Cooking (healthy meal planning)
  • Home Health Remedies (healing with herbs, making healthful drinks) 

We will be filming many more homesteading videos, writing more books that will inspire you on your journey, and even offer a Homestead Camp in the following months where anyone can come and have hands-on learning. Going back to nature and the old ways of doing things is what we need in this new year ahead.  We are excited to join together with you and the homesteading community on this journey to wellness for the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. I don’t think just a letter can even do justice to all that is in store for those who want to come on this journey with us.  It is going to be a good year.

In Christ’s Unfailing Love,

Mark and Erin Harrison

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