Updates on the Cow

For our cow…  We ended up getting the vet out for the second time after another jersey farmer and her husband recommended that we get testing done as to our cows underlying illness that caused the cancer.  This is important to find out because it could be a virus that spreads to our other animals and you need to be able to fix the problem.  We started the range of testings and the second vet that came out gave us so much more to hope for.  He was both kind and sensitive to our fears and sentiments toward our cow.  He loves and cares for animals deeply.  That was a real comfort in this time.  He said if there is a chance that she doesn’t have cancer or TB (which is suspect) from the enlarged rectal lymph nodes, He will fight to save her.  I wheeled out there in 3 inches of snow to talk to the vet.  I am using the wheeled walker now and the foot has something wrong I am certain.  I can’t really put pressure on it at this time.  I will be visiting the doctor this morning.  These huge nerve attack episodes, I do not even believe they are cramps at all.  I think it is deeper than that.  Because I get leg cramps and I take magnesium, use the oils, and eat bananas and that helps with those.  It is actually really strange.  My big toe goes straight to the left and then down very angrily.  It is worse than I can even explain. The pains are similar to constant labor contracting.  A muscle spasm usually locks up the muscle and then you can stretch it out.  Not with this.  It just keeps moving and I have no control over it.  I even try to flex it with my hand and it is like an arm wrestling match.  I am a pathetic arm wrestler, even my kids can beat me on that.

It is an encouragement to see how the kids are developing into good people.  Although the last two days they have been extra naughty, I really felt like I was going crazy.   Well, normally, when I am feeling okay, I can really wrangle the kid (Miles) and keep him going good.  He is usually not acting up, but I think he is acting up because of me being so bad off again.  Not sure, but it really started since I have been laid up.  Otherwise, I run a tight ship and the kids are so loving and helpful, yes.  That is a real blessing.  Miles is really upset about his cow.  It was his and he cries about that a lot too.  Boys sometimes act out pretty bad when they feel the lack of control, but I am at the brunt of it, since Mark is away.  Please pray peace over my day.  I appreciate that.
I really appreciate getting to know so many lovely people here on the post.  It is really a blessing.

I do glory in my infirmities, because I know that they are teaching me so very much.  I have peace about God’s plan.  He is ordering everything out the way it works best.  Sometimes it is hard, but it is through those hard times that He creates some of the best character and strength.  The one thing that I feel more than anything is LOVE.  I know God loves me so much and trusts me because He thinks I can handle so much.  I have my moments where I break down and feel like I can’t handle another thing, but then that is when he really knocks my socks off with some random blessing.  

Praise report… as our cow was given a death sentence we were contacted by a christian family that runs a holstein dairy.  One of their good heifers went down, did the splits.  They just gave us the meat.  I told them that the only way I could take the meat is if God would provide all the help to butcher it for free.  I called one of my amish friends who own a farm (Harry), and it was his birthday, which I did not know until late last night, but he got a driver, came down to my home, got directions to the other farm, went in and killed, gutted, and skinned the beast.  He brought it home with his driver and they are planning to grind and cut it up for our family.  What a huge blessing! That is like $500 worth of meat for us.  I am overwhelmed at God’s mercy!  I want to can it all, so I may wait until Sara Shoemaker (someone from the post), comes to help me.  She also approached us that her and her husband felt led to let her and her two little ones journey from Washington to our home for two weeks while her husband will be traveling and gone from them for work.  She just wants to help.  I am in such need for help, I hate asking for help, too, but the Lord provided someone who would be just as blessed to serve as I will be to be ministered to in my great needs.  Praise the Lord!!!!!

God is truly Merciful.  I thank each of you for all your prayers.  I believe they are helping us right now greatly. 

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