Blueberry Breakfast Parfait

This is a very quick, easy, and nutritious recipe that my family enjoys!  It is something I can throw together after we each our lunch that takes 5 minutes or less!  As a busy mother of five, I have 3 things that are important to me when planning a meal:


Lately, we have been enjoying a really healthy breakfast porridge.  I started with a jar.  I use a 2 quart jar because we have a family of seven.  Dumping some ingredients into the jar happens next.  To keep with my first point, I run around my kitchen and pantry looking for something healthy.  Something that will stick to the ribs.

Aha, old fashioned rolled oats!

Old-fashioned rolled oats are a whole grain food. It is recommended that we consume whole grains because it lessens the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  I recommend soaking any grains because they contain phytic acid.  Phytic acid is what causes the grain to have an indefinite shelf life.  The only problem with phytic acid is is that it robs your body of enzymes.  We need enzymes to digest and gain the most nutrition from the food we eat. Oats are fiber rich, containing about 5 grams of fiber per half cup serving size.  For the gluten free folks out there, I would suggest millet or quinoa in place of the oats.

Next, I find chia seeds!

Chia seeds are full of nutrition and should be a staple item in every kitchen.  They are tiny but have huge benefits.  For starters, Chia seeds are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which is good for fighting against inflammation and also to boost brain function.  Because it slows digestion, it can help stabilize blood sugars for diabetics.  My daughter has type one diabetes, so this ingredient is a must.  Chia is a good source of fiber and can aid in digestion. Not to mention, full of protein and calcium, phosphorus and manganese.  All of which our bodies need to function well.

Now for the probiotics.

When you have a family cow, you have lots of milk.  With that milk we make many good probiotics like yogurt and kefir.  Allowing grains, nuts or seeds to soak in a milk byproduct like kefir, milk, or yogurt, you get a lovely process called lacto-fermentation.  This is a process that will break down the grain so that it is easier to digest, making the food more bio available.  I love it.  I love knowing that my kids are getting every bit of nutrition out of their food.  That is important to me!  75 % of your immune system is in the gut.  Probiotics feed the good bacteria which make up a healthy flora, boost immune function, and aid in digestion.  People who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy probiotics by making kefir from coconut milk.


I have to find something sweet to make it taste grand.  Oh, I know, I could use our homemade maple syrup.  It will not only add a good carmel flavor, but it also has some great qualities.  Maple syrup is full of antioxidants and contains polyphenols, which help fight aging and other diseases.  You can use raw honey or even stevia if you wish.  Stevia is even better for those who struggle with candida or diabetes.

Blueberry Goodness..

When choosing fruits and vegetables, look for rich color, dark and bright.  Blueberries are the highest antioxidant level of all the other berries that we typically find in nature.  Elderberries and bilberries are up there as well.  These antioxidants help to fight against free radical that tear down the immune system and break down cells.  You can use any fruit.  We have blueberries in the freezer, so gladly I add those to my porridge.


If you are looking to add some minerals and some extra flavor, add salt.  Salt adds that little kick that any sweet dish needs to make it even more delicious.  I love using himalayan salt or celtic sea salt.  They are rich in minerals that our bodies need.  Just a pinch is all you will need!

Really Fast?-Yes.

My second point I always take into consideration.  All I do is throw these lovely ingredients into a jar, shake or stir it up, and leave it alone to soak overnight.  That’s it!  It could not be easier, nor healthier, nor tastier than that.

Download my recipe card, cut it out and add it to your recipe box collection.  Enjoy!

Download the recipe card.

Get a PDF version so you can print it and cut it out to add to your recipe deck.

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2 thoughts on “Blueberry Breakfast Parfait”

  1. I love this recipe. Thank you! I actually add bananas the night before, too. (And occasionally I leave out the syrup and add cinnamon). It’s my new favorite breakfast!

  2. I agree with your 3 points! I also consider affordability. Those 4 points in balance work well for us. Really enjoy your posts!

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