Proverbs 31:12 Living Virtuous Book Study

“She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”
 Proverbs 31:12

This verse is in reference to the way we treat our husbands on a daily basis.

What is Good? By definition…

  • that which is morally right; righteousness
  • benefit or advantage to someone or something

How do we DO GOOD and NOT EVIL to our husbands?


  • Being kind to him… even if he seems cross with you
  • Encouraging him in his strengths… not pointing out his shortcomings
  • Smiling at him and being friendly towards him… not cold and distant
  • Praying for him daily… not talking badly about him to others 
  • Seeking to please him… not seeking your way all the time
  • Finding ways to help him… not nagging him about all that he needs to do for you 
  • Making meals or lunches for him… not forgetting to feed your man
  • Making the home a haven of rest when he returns home from work… not a messy, loud home filled with chaos
  • Spending money wisely… not impulsively or wastefully 
  • Teaching the children to honor him by our actions… not talking down at him or questioning him in front of the children
  • Planning ahead… not springing things upon him at the last minute
  • Being his biggest fan… not his biggest critic
  • Appreciating the things he does for you… not disregarding his efforts
  • Allowing him the grace to grow… not forcing him to change for you
  • Being patient with him… not placing unreasonable expectations on him
  • Being trustworthy… not sharing his secrets or failings with others
  • Being willingly affectionate to him (intimacy)… not withholding

Here are our two Talk Shows that go through each of the points listed above.  We share personal stories and helpful tips on how to be Good to your husband all the days of your life.  It is sure to encourage you in your walk as a virtuous woman.

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