Tea Time & Talk Show Proverbs 31:18 pt 1

LIVE TALK SHOW: Today we will be talking about Proverbs 31:18. She perceives her merchandise is good. What does this mean for us? We even will get into some ways that you should not make your self merchandise. It will be good.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Time & Talk Show Proverbs 31:18 pt 1”

  1. Mirjam Van der Meulen

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    Hello Erin,

    Have a good day! I ordered 26/11 10:48 (European time) you ebook living virtuously at your website and paid it with pay pall. But I still didn’t received it, do you know how that comes?

    Groetjes, Mirjam van der Meulen (also mother of 5)
    The Netherlands

    Ps I emailed you But I got the email back because of the e-mailadres

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