Let Them Help

It’s so precious for me to see our little farm girl with her daddy helping. She looks for any way she can help and she says “me? Help you?” and then she nods her sweet head while she says “yup. Yup. Yup! help you!” and she helps us! It’s so cute!

It’s so important to involve your little ones in all that you do no matter the task, it gives them a sense of being wanted and needed as a vital part of the family. They learn to be a part of the team and acquire skills for life!

So many people get too busy to take time to take children alongside while they do various jobs around the home. Yeah, it’s a lot more mess and work to start with, but that investment of time when they are young builds a strong relationship and gives them meaning to their lives.

Down the road you see the fruit of these little scenes I showed you today. You see children grow into happy productive people who strive to be a part of the solution to all of the worlds needs rather than a part of the problem.

More time is spent in making the world a sweeter place! God is so pleased when we invest in our little ones!

Kathryn helps with all of the jobs we do, cleaning, baking, folding laundry, sweeping, feeding the cat and dogs, the chickens, and even shoveling. Soon she will be helping us in the garden!

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