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Kayla was staying with our family for the past week which was such a major blessing to us all.  Especially my girls.  We met Kayla while she was serving as an Above Rubies Girl and seemed to really connect with her.  She is quite an outgoing gal and when I told her last fall that I was thinking about writing a story about my life, she told me that I HAD to.  There was not a question.  After listening to a few of the crazy and amazing God stories, she just had to know more and more and more.

She is actually the one who spurred me along to this good work that the Lord had laid before me so many years ago.  I was challenged each day by her demanding more chapters which made it more fun for me.  After each chapter, she would tell me how gripping the stories were and how she could not put it down.  I ended up using that to fuel my writing for several months.  She is just about finished with editing my first draft of the first book in the series I finally named, “Memoirs of a Keeper”, which is coming out soon, depending on my last two editors who I pray will be fast.

Having Kayla in our home was a true blessing.  She was continually offering to do everything around the house, like cooking and cleaning, and anything else.  I almost did not want to have her go.  While she was here, we would sit each day, all of us girls and have these deep conversations about relationships, about being single and unmarried, and she had lots of fun questions about various topics.  As we sipped another cup of tea, I said, “Why aren’t we recording our talk?!!!!  This would be something that could also encourage other young ladies.”  She agreed, so we set up the camera and recorded our LIVE conversation.  I aired it LIVE today on the Facebook and the recording is officially here for all of you out there who would like to be a fly on the wall for one of our fun talks.  I pray it will bless you all…

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