Planting the Garden

Standing outside with the breeze blowing and birds singing, there is nothing that adds to the excitement of spring like seeing a garden take shape.  Mark has been out there after work each day stringing lines and tilling the ground to make it easier to plant.  We just purchased a few flats of plants from a local green house since we were not set up to start seeds this year.  That is a goal we are setting for next year.

Building a homestead from scratch when you live on 2 1/2 acres with a ranch styled brick house, has had a few challenges, but we want to to show you that if we can do it, so can you!  Where there is a will there is always a way!  We are in the business of making things work some how.  All our married life, we have moved all of 14 times and started over on our homesteading adventure probably 10 times.  That is a lot of times starting over.  New pastures, new gardens, and new projects of every sort popping up at each new place.

Its fun in a way because it presents a new level of challenges.  I like to call it an adventure because it depends on your attitude, doesn’t it?  If you call it a pain, its a pain.  If you call it a fun new adventure, well, then you have a fun new adventure.  I wish I could convince everyone out there how true the saying is, “Life is what you make it!”  I have seen that to be true. This garden will soon be full of green plants growing and as time rolls on, we will be getting chickens and pigs.  The homestead is definitely started here.

I have a short video on the next step in our gardening adventure.  Mark is explaining some ways he started planting this year…

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