Proverbs 31:14 Living Virtuous Book Study

“She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.” Proverbs 31:14
A virtuous woman is concerned about the health of her family… She is obtaining food from afar.  She must care about what her family is eating.  Upon taking this verse literally in modern times, I see a woman getting in her car to drive far to go grocery shopping.  I am sure some of you have taken a weekly or monthly shopping trip to buy the finest organic foods that are only available at the Whole Foods Market.  You do this because you want the very best for your family.   I have seen women more often than men concerned about eating healthy foods.  I am prone to regularly concocting all kinds of healthy recipes and brews for my family.  I will spend hours researching on the internet foods that heal various kinds of issues.  If I have to drive a hundred miles to obtain a box of coconuts–I will not think twice about it.  I never have done this, but I think I would go anywhere to get something if I knew it would help my family.  A virtuous woman actually puts a lot of thought into  her journey.  She would make sure she did not waste the trip.  Planning ahead is a virtue in itself.  Making sure you get all the things needed in one trip will also save precious resources.  Searching for the finest foods to feed our family shows that we care.  We do not run to the store to buy the easiest, instant, and processed foods that do not build health in the body.  It is a blessing to a husband when he has a capable wife who feeds a well balanced diet to the family.  He trusts they are getting the nutrients they need while she figures out how to prepare it so it also tastes good.   If you would like to hear me rant about my pet peeve of children who are ungrateful and picky eaters, you will need to watch this Talk Show.  I get into some funny stories of things I have observed and had to deal with over the years.  You might even find it refreshing to see how Nancy and I would help children overcome some of these behavioral issues in a fun way…

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