“It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the Earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers.” Isiah 40:22

This is a verse we used as we studied geography.  The earth is like a circle, right?  But when I told the children that we are as grasshoppers, Junior started sobbing.  He said, ” I am not a grasshopper!!!!!!”  We all looked at him, very puzzled, wondering why he would be so distraught over the idea of being a grasshopper.  Then we laughed as we realized what he probably was thinking in his little mind.  He catches grasshoppers, somedays for many hours.  He plays with them, uses them for bait in the pond, and traps them in old plastic water bottles.  After saying God was big like people and we were small as grasshoppers, he became terrified thinking that our God will trap him, use him for bait, and play with him roughly.  Poor Junior!  I had to explain that God is not like us, of course, because He would never use us as fish bait nor would he trap us in plastic bottles and shake us up!!!!!  But, it is very humbling to consider how small we are in comparison to our God.  To think He made every cell of our bodies to work in perfect order.  Our eyes and ears are placed in a perfect place so they work well.  Just as our homes, it is so good to have everything in order, in its place.  As a homeschool homesteading mamma, I feel so much better if everything is in its proper place, and in perfect order.  God is so big and it is hard to wrap our minds around why He bothered saving us anyhow, since we are so small, so ungrateful, and jumping around like crazy grasshoppers.  He loves us that much!  It is a very great thing that God is not like Junior and that He does not treat us grasshoppers thus.

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