Chore Charts for the Kids

Hello fellow homestead keepers…  I wanted to share my lasted keeper tip with everyone.  I have designed a file that allows me to add my kids specific chores each day.  For Mikey, I made the letters big enough for him to see and read, simple words he can sound out.  Each day the kids seem more cheerful to work because they get to check things off.  I am going to try to make my files available for downloading on my blog so you can just replace your kids chores and names.  I will upload each of my kids files so you can see what each age is capable of as well.  I love these charts.  At the end of each day, I will be rewarding each child for fulfilling their responsibilities.  Also, I bracket it off in time segments.  What times each are to be done, a bracket for before lunch.  The checks are a ticket to eat.  No checks, no eat.  This works well to get the kids motivated.  Hope you all have a happy keeping the home day!  Remember, keeping their hearts is the most important job of all.  I am learning to wake up really early to keep up this site so it does not interfere with my keeping of the home and hearts of my children.  Here are the files for you to download! Enjoy!






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