My Faith Journey

To Be Childlike

What is it really like to be childlike?  When I think of being childlike I think of not worrying, not holding grudges, not jumping to conclusions, not judging, not condemning, not being prideful, always hungry to learn, always forgiving, quick to bounce back from trials.  I have been weighed down so much with Molly’s illness. …

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All for a Farewell

The other day in the heat of the afternoon I heard a very loud noise coming from around the house.  It sounded like someone was tearing around on a hot rod in my back yard.  I looked out every window but one.  I saw nothing.  The sounds seemed to be coming from the back of …

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Life Standing Still

What a blessed day!  I wanted to give you all an update on our family situations.  I realized long ago that as a christian our road will be narrow and rough but worth the joy it brings.  Every year I learn more about humility, grace, suffering, joy, mercy, and righteousness.  I can never arrive~ as …

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I Surrender!

As some of you may or may not know, Molly has been having kidney troubles.  Not your typical kidney troubles, but something that could be very life threatening.  It is such a hard thing to wrap our minds around, something that you can not see or monitor with your eyes.  She is a type one …

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Praising My Maker

So many things have been going on at our Homestead.  So many good reports.  The Lord gave and the Lord chose to take away our milk cow and our dog a couple months ago.  We never lost sight of God’s grace in the midst of some very hard trials.  After a serious accident to my …

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God's Merciful Hand

As you have all learned, my husband, Mark Harrison, had a very freak accident yesterday.  One worker was holding the 1.5 inch industrial staple gun in his hand waiting for Mark to put the sheeting up so he could staple it to the frame of the house.  The Man was looking the other way as …

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