Our Miracle

I just got a phone call right from the kidney specialist yesterday.  She wanted to tell me herself.  She told me that Molly’s kidneys were completely healed from the last time!!!!!!  God be praised!!!!!  We are so thankful for all the wisdom from above to do all the measures we did, all the many prayers.  It is a miracle!!!!  This monitor is so good to keep us on the target as well, so we are so thankful that the Lord provided for our family to have this.  I tried feeding Molly wheat again and she went into the 400s for blood sugar and she would not come down.  I kept giving her more and more shots and it was still staying high.  I know that wheat is something that really makes her sick, so I will just keep going on this wonderful special nutrient rich diet we have been doing the past 3 months.  God is good to show us all things.  They still want us to keep doing what we have been doing so far that has helped and they also want to do routine test to make sure they remain safe.

Just to let you know, we are so excited and feeling so good that we started filming again for our homesteading dvds.  Megan canned pickles yesterday as I filmed and Molly canned green beans as I filmed.  It is so wonderful to have another chance to live a normal life.  I am now used to cooking this way, so we are all enjoying the more veggie meals.  Megan still mixes up the kefir bread in the evening and my husband is the bread baker in the morning.  We all have our certain jobs and we work so well together.  You should see our root cellar.  Wow!  It is so encouraging to see the shelves filling up.  Miles helped me organize the shelves yesterday so it looks organized.  He also took it upon himself to clean out the garden shed.  I was so proud of him.  It was a terrible mess and now it looks new again.  Mikey picked about 2 gallons of green beans.  Junior had fun snapping them!!!  I filmed both of them, and Junior telling everyone the best way to snap them.  He even tried to sing our bean song.  I think he needs some review!!! Haha.  Megan picked pickles.  Molly picked beans.  It felt good to work hard as a family.  Oh, I made 3 gallons of yogurt!  I forgot to mention that.  Junior caught a 15 inch large mouth bass.  Wow!  See photo above.  I cracked out the chore charts and that was a blessing.  The kids do so much better with a time sheet and responsibility to do list.  That really made a big difference in bringing a new order into our home.  Well, what satan meant for destruction, God used for His glory.   Thank you for offering your prayers toward our family.  We are so thankful to rise up after a long storm.  God is so merciful.  Again and Again.

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