My Faith Journey


I have some updates for you all.  The Amish ladies came to help me can the 350 pounds of meat yesterday.  They knew that I could not do this even with my children’s help.  That is what real love is and how community works.  We lay down our own plans, our own desires to help …

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Updates on the Cow

For our cow…  We ended up getting the vet out for the second time after another jersey farmer and her husband recommended that we get testing done as to our cows underlying illness that caused the cancer.  This is important to find out because it could be a virus that spreads to our other animals …

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Being Thankful

We get very cold winters here! It can get well below zero and with wind chills that can bite your skin! The children are excited for the snow. Last evening it snowed so they tried to sled on the hill out back. It was the wet type of snow so it wasn’t ideal, but they …

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Our Story

Since many of you have asked about what happened to me or us, I thought I would share our story.In 2006 we moved to Cane Creek (Pleasantville, TN). Mark had a job transfer to middle Tennessee so since we knew about No Greater Joy ministries we decided to visit that area to see if we …

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Molly's Modesty

Last weekend I took photos at my cousins wedding. So many wedding dresses today are so immodest. I feel it is great to have one that covers your body more but is really pretty. My mother brought us two white pretty dresses for the girls from another family. They were pretty and very long. My …

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A Lamb is Born

As our family was remembering the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, a perfect spotless white lamb was born to Megan’s ewe.  We never kept sheep before so this was a major event for the family.  We were planning to shear the sheep soon because we thought they would lamb in May.  It weighs no …

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