The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away…

Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!!!

The Lord has chosen to take our cow during the night last night.  We still do not know why, the TB was negative so it wasn’t that.  If it was the cancer, it sure was aggressive.  Mark knew that she was dying last evening, she was laying on her side breathing really deeply.  This morning the kids found her dead and said the calf is mooing and nudging its mamma.  That is pretty sad, isn’t it?  We tried to make her as comfortable as we could until the end, but didn’t know it would be this fast.  God’s mercy is divine.  He put her out of her misery quickly.  Mark did not shoot her because he was unsure if I would agree to it, and he cares so deeply for me that he would not want to make me more grieved.  I would have been okay with it if it was needful,  but he did not want to tell me last night for fear I would stay up all night worrying about it.  He is so loving, and so protective of me, every part of me.  He knelt beside the beast and prayed for her to be quickly taken, and I believe God honored that for my husband.

About one year ago the Lord actually gave us this cow, now it is His will to take her away.  Even this week, we were given another cow for meat.  We are so blessed.  We do not question God on this but rest in His grace.  We know deep down that our Lord wants to use this for His glory.  It may take time to find out how this is used, and that is okay.  We have deep faith and trust in His perfect will for our entire life.  He has proven that as we remain faithful to Him, he will provide for our every need, even if it comes in the form of a death.  We are saddened but we are relieved that she is out of her misery now.  Thank you all for your many prayers.  God is so merciful to our family and to our cow.

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