Urgent Prayer Request

Calling all Prayer Warriors!

I have such an urgent need for your prayers right now, today!  A family that I love has had a tragedy this past year.  It is something that we all fear.  Their fear became a reality nearly a year ago.  Let me tell you their story…

This family had two boys and as the boys become older the family prayed for some daughters to be added to their family.  God laid it on Suzanne and Chris’s hearts to open their home to adopt children.  They adopted two precious little girls from Haiti.  They loved those girls with all their hearts and they decided to open their home again after an earthquake hit Haiti, but this time they decided to adopt through foster care. Their caseworker asked if they would consider a sibling group of 5 children who needed a family.  The children came with many health issues that caused a myriad of behavioral issues.  

Suzanne and Chris are homesteaders—just like us!  They like to grow and raise a lot of their food off the land they are blessed to call home.  They determined to feed and nurture these children with the only the best and healthiest foods they could.  It became their life purpose to heal these little ones and give them a full and happy life all around.  

I had known of this family for years as they were members of our Homestead Community Post online community.  One day I traveled to visit their beautiful family.  I knew they adopted some children, but had no idea what they had gone through.  I came there and was greeted by 7 smiling children who looked so full of life and health.  We took walks together and the children played, skipped in the fields like they were free.  They giggled and showed me all the animals.  When they made healthy smoothies they all gathered round and sang fun songs together.  I would sit in the chair and the children would come around to show me their pictures they drew for me or they would want to help me brush my hair, which I loved.  I felt so loved in their home.  When it was time for bed, Chris and Suzanne offered me their master bedroom.  I did not want to take their room.  Chris would not have it.  He said it was his rules that any guest in their home would have the royalty treatment.  I could not make him change his mind even though it meant that Suzanne was sleeping on the couch in the living room and he was on the floor in the basement.  I never felt so much heart and so much love within one set of walls.

Each child looked so well cared for and they truly looked like they felt special being a part of that loving family.  Suzanne told me while I was there that all of the children had trauma from the foster care system before they came to their home.  Over the course of time, not only did they support the children emotionally, but they figured out what types of food sensitivities they had and gave them the foods that nourished their bodies.  I would have never known in a million years that they were ever sick or that they ever were emotionally hindered.  They seemed so sweet, so precious.  I actually wanted to stay there longer and felt so welcome in their home.   

Here is a typical meal that they feed their family.  Lots of veggies, home grown meats, and organic corn chips.  It is more expensive to feed the family organic and natural, but we all make it work because like this family we want the very best for our children not knowing it could be a crime.

One day this past summer, 9 months ago, I got a terrifying call from my dear friend Suzanne.  Her children were taken from her home on grounds of abuse and neglect.  You see, when you are in the foster care system, they follow you around like a shadow and they are not always following you with the best of intentions.  They trick you and trick your kids to say the right things that will incriminate you.  It is considered abusive to withhold things like sugar, white bread, and conventional dairy.  What one of us has not chosen the road less traveled?  What one of us hasn’t tried to feed our kids healthier options?  I know I have.  I have had my kids on restricted diets to help focus on health issues.  Wheat, sugar, and dairy can be very volatile to a person’s delicate health.  They have ways of questioning kids that are sneaky to get the kids to say things like they wish they could eat junk food but that they are so hungry because they don’t get candy.  Things like that to trick them.  It is so sad.  I have been so sick to my stomach about the whole thing and how they have done so many very illegal things to twist things and have denied rights because they stand to get a payoff for not getting the kids back with their parents.  It is all a monopoly.  

PLEASE I am begging all of you to WAR for this family in your prayers today!  We need to storm the gates of heaven for this family.  They represent us, the homeschool and homestead families who love the Lord, who desire to eat healthy from the land.  If they win, we win; if they lose, we all lose.  That means we all could join them.  We are all in danger.  We must fight the good fight of faith.  We must believe that the Lord can confound the enemies’ strategies today, that this case would have no foundation against the family.  I am begging you all to get into their shoes and know if this would be any of us, how devastating to be demonized and to be accused unnecessarily.  And worst of all, having our precious children ripped from our homes.  We must help with all the power we have to go before the throne of Grace and ask of our Father who will not leave us nor forsake us.  Tomorrow, and Wednesday are the court dates that the state will try to terminate their parental rights permanently.  Lets join our prayers for this family so that we can all stand in AWE as our FATHER takes control and puts their plans to destroy this precious family and separate them.  I know that Chris and Suzanne are the very very best parents for these kids.  They offer so much to them and I know that they are raising them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Thank you for praying with us.

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16 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request”

    1. So sorry. I will be praying for you! I pray you can find your bible and turn to psalm 107!!! That was my only way I could hold on all the times I was walking through severe depression and suicidal thoughts. God is here for you, and he loves you so much. Your life is so valuable to God and when you can rise up from the feeling of death that you have in this depression, God can surely use your story to give others hope. He is waiting for you to grab the hem of his garment and hang on with your life. I will pray for you as I know what you feel. I hope you are still alive and I pray you are better now than when you wrote this comment. God bless you!

  1. Father God I pray for my children please keep my oldest daughter pure have her please come back home to live right and have her wait until you marry her to a mighty man of God and have a strong relationship with you Lord first all all 4 of my daughters Lord to marry mighty man of God that you have for them with a strong relationship with you First. Have them all know there worth is in you and not the world. I pray for both of my sons to Lord that they will Love you and have a strong relationship with you first Lord and Marry then to a mighty women of God! Lord if there is anyone in there lives rt now that is drawling them away from you I ask you to cut that all out of there lives rt now and put the right people in there lives that will have all 6 of our children to be drawling closer to you Lord and I pray for my husband and I to be a great Example of what a Godly marriage looks like Help us to be the parents we need to be to each one of our children and not for my husband to be bi est
    Including his family as well and help me Lord to Never become bi est and help my husband and I to really not focus on the outside voices of ppl strong opinions even if they mean well, but they don’t know the truth Lord only you Do and they misunderstand and judge me wrongly because I choose not to get them involved so I just keep everything to myself because I know You know the real truth and I’m secured in you Lord you see it ALL. I thank you Lord for many Great changes and I’m pleased with the women you made me today. I don’t care whatever anyone else thinks About Me but ONLY what YOU think even if they talk bad about me and say things they THINK is true! Forgive them all Lord for they don’t know. I ask you to Bless them anyway. For us all to have a healthy relationship, but for all to stay out of our marriage. For now I’m one with my husband and our kids are one with us we are one whole. None of our kids should get better treat meant then the others. If only 2 out of 6 of our kids can only be invited then all of our kids can’t go. No special treatment we ARE one LORD and you wouldn’t want anyone to divide that no matter who it is and how they feel I pray for conviction in the hearts of those who do this and give better presents to 3 of our children and not the rest because they notice it and one of our sons didn’t even get a Birthday gift and he knows this.. it’s bringing to much division in our family. So I thank you Lord that You are working in there hearts rt now as I’m praying in Jesus name Amen

  2. Praying already. I am glad they have more time to pray. We will be fighting with them!! And I am sure every prayer warrior I know will be too!!

    1. Thank you so much Irene! I sure appreciate you prayers! It means so much to us to know there are prayer warriors around us praying! God bless you sweet friend from a far away land!

  3. Praying, I happened on your FB wall today and it led me here to read your blog and join the community online. I can so relate with this family as in NY we dealt with someone calling CPS on us and having an investigation which PTL is over and done with and we were able to move here near my son. I am sure we know many of the same folks here in TN. I know that many I know follow your FB page.
    I will pray for this family and for God’s Perfect Will.
    Wife to Mark, Mamma to 7, Grandma to 11

  4. I’m confused. This story happened back in Sept. of ’16. They were suppose to have hearings in Oct./Nov. I can’t find any updates online about what happened in their hearings. What has happened that this is being posted now?

  5. Satan means it for evil, but God can use it for good, I’ll pray, and pray, those children are suffering, may He come through strong, and win, He will.

  6. Oh, Erin! I am just beside myself with grief and frustration for this family! I am praying and will continue to until the Lord knocks some sense into those state people!
    These kids are LOVED, BELIEVED IN, CHERISHED by the parents who chose them! It just flabbergasts me that people can be so blind to children’s needs that they would want to take them away because of candy, for crying out loud!
    God, bless these parents and these children and give them peace and assurance that they belong together, eating healthy, nourishing foods, just as God intended! Amen!

    1. Jennifer Kelly

      Prayers and angels warriors to protect these children while they are away from mom and dad .?

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