The Quarterly Post is Here!

It all started about 6 years ago…THE HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY POST.  In late spring of 2010, I sat there with a pen in hand and I started brainstorming.  There was a need.  We had a need.  Many have that need to connect with other families of like mind.  Maybe we were the only ones out there that were living the homestead life.
We had just produced our Homesteading for Beginners DVDs, and it seemed we found others who wanted to jump in, both feet first, just like we did!

Were we that strange?  Or are there others out there that want to homestead or live the homestead life?  It was then that I started what we lovingly named The HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY POST.  An online community that we launched that spring in the No Greater Joy Newsletter.  Within a short time there we good old country folk from far and wide that joined our community.  I met people from all over the world and had topics ranging from homesteading, spiritual encouragement, prayer, homeschooling, sewing, canning, and homemaking!

People would chime in and give their 2 cents on a topic, pray for others, offer encouragement, and even ask the questions they needed some common sense country folk with experience to answer.  It was pretty amazing to watch the fellowship and the life long relationships between families form over the last 6 years.  God was definitely using that platform to bring about something very special.

We found out that many people were watching the DVDs, gleaning the information and support needed on the post, to go out and get their homesteads started from scratch.  That is pretty amazing, if you ask me!  I have met families at various functions that say they know this person and that person from the POST!  Wow!  That is neat!

I met Owen and Evie Newman from the POST and found out they had a great need because they were living in a moldy rotted trailer.  We were able to rescue them and move them into our homesteading community which they are thriving today!  And other families from the POST even came from all over the country to lend financial help for the move and even their physical hands.  I met some of the sweetest families that love the LORD through the POST!

In 2012 I had another grand idea.  I thought, why not make a publication that we could all join in and write for the POST?  We gathered stories from families all over the country and put out the first issue of the HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY POST emag and it was a real hit!  I think we had 15k downloads in total the first week, if you can believe that?!  But like all things, it fizzled out because I just did not have any help.  My vision was for this to be OURS!  NOT mine!  I did not want to have a magazine that was about our life but the lives of all the people that make up the POST.

So, fast forward to about a month ago or so, I put out a mass email and asked people from the POST and also my blog readers to please help me continue this newsletter.  I was so blessed by those that wrote in and contributed to our new Quarterly HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY POST!  I took all the submissions and read each of them and handed the printed versions to Owen who helped me edit them.  He sat in the old farmhouse kitchen with his tea and all I could hear was, “wow, this is neat.”  or “That’s a great article!”  He was just touched by all the stories these people shared and we could see that this could really be a great publication.

We are so excited to announce the Spring edition of our Quarterly HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY POST.  We pray it is a real encouragement to all and that more and more families would write in and contribute.  I wanted to do a monthly newsletter, but I could only do that if I had people from all over contributing so that there is enough material to use.  I was sad that some did not name the state they were from.  It would be so fun to actually see where everyone is from because I know they are from all over the world.  And we love to have Photos!  Photos help to tell us the story!  Our goal is to have a short article from each of you each month, even if it is just a couple paragraphs, because it would be really neat to see what everyone is up to on their home front.  Some people have been living in the city yet they have some pretty resourceful ideas that are very encouraging to others, while others have been living on a farm their whole lives who could give some know how for those of us still learning!  It is all such a blessing!

Here is the HCP newsletter!  You can click on it and print it out if you like.  That is what I am going to do!  I am going to get me a three ring punch and put each newsletter in a binder to always have.  It will be neat to collect them all!

Download the magazine.


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