Homesteading for Beginners Vol 1 on Youtube

I am so excited to announce that we starting to release our entire library of Homesteading for Beginners on YOUTUBE for FREE!!!  The nice thing is that we will arrange them by topic and also by parts, so you can easily find the information you need while you are enjoying your own homesteading adventures!  You can now access these fun learning videos one by one by going to my youtube channel,
​ ​

Here is the first video…

Help show support to our family by subscribing to our Youtube channel today!  And after you see one, you will want to see them all!  It is truly a blessing for us to re watch these adorable videos, seeing our kids in the garden helping out on our growing homestead.  Enjoy!

Keep watching, right now we are adding volume one, but we are continuing to add the entire collection through the next week or so.  We will keep you posted!  God bless!

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2 thoughts on “Homesteading for Beginners Vol 1 on Youtube”

  1. Yeaaaaaa!!! Thank you SO much! We loaned all of ours out and will probably never get them back. : ( This makes it all OK again! : )

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