Water Bath Canning

There is much debate online about waterbath verses pressure canning, especially with “low acid” foods.  My experience has been through the Amish.  They do not have internet, nor do they know about most of the books out there that talk about the canning process.  This has been a process they have handed down through centuries …

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Want Not Waste Not

Yesterday was a typical situation for us homestead folk.  I had about 5 bushel of rotten apples that others would serve the local deer.  I look at the dirty brown apples and say, “lets make applesauce!!!!”  Everyone else says, including my loving husband, “Are you sure they are safe for us?”  I smile and say, …

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Updates on the Cow

For our cow…  We ended up getting the vet out for the second time after another jersey farmer and her husband recommended that we get testing done as to our cows underlying illness that caused the cancer.  This is important to find out because it could be a virus that spreads to our other animals …

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