Updates on the Cow

For our cow…  We ended up getting the vet out for the second time after another jersey farmer and her husband recommended that we get testing done as to our cows underlying illness that caused the cancer.  This is important to find out because it could be a virus that spreads to our other animals …

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A Lamb is Born

As our family was remembering the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, a perfect spotless white lamb was born to Megan’s ewe.  We never kept sheep before so this was a major event for the family.  We were planning to shear the sheep soon because we thought they would lamb in May.  It weighs no …

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Simple Soap

To be able to make your own simple soap it such a great skill to know.  Lately, I learned how to make soap from a soap making friend.  She taught me some basic principles and I was on my way to making my OWN soap.  My husband made a wooden mold for me and I …

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