4 Year Anniversary Of Keeper Of The Homestead

It has already been 4 years since the start of this blog I call, Keeper of the Homestead.  I have so much to tell you.  So much to look forward to!  I remember about a month before starting this blog those four years ago.  It is such a funny story because I always end up eating my words.  This is just how it is for me, somehow!

There was a friend who was blogging and I was sitting there thinking about it.  I leaned into my husband and said, I will NEVER do a blog!  I can’t imagine writing about everything much less, who would ever want to read about it?”  To my surprise, he did not agree with me.

He returned, “You are an overcomer.  You have some pretty amazing stories that people NEED to hear. I think you should write a book!”
Little did I know that the blog would evolve into my first book.  After the book was finished, I felt my purpose was fulfilled.  I hung up my daily posting because I did what I set out to do and I did it unto the Lord.  It worked out perfectly for me while I was very immobile with my pain at that time of blogging.  I really had to sit a lot so it made perfect sense.  Maybe it took my mind off my pain.  That is a good distraction!  We can either sit around and look at our misery or we can invest our heart into helping others and that makes us feel ALIVE again!

After the pain left, when I went into remission over 2.5 years ago, I had a lot of catching up to do on LIFE.  I really did not have time to blog with my growing teens.  You may have caught me here and there when time allowed and when I felt a real nudge from God to write a story down.

Well I have an exciting announcement to make…
My children are now wanting to work alongside my husband and I to relaunch the Keeper of the Homestead blog this February.  Molly will be heading up the social media department to keep people informed of upcoming posts.  She will also create graphics and Pdf bundles of current and future content.  Megan is going to be heading up my YouTube channel.  She will be filming cooking, cleaning, homesteading, and DIY type videos for us as well as editing them.  Michael will be learning how to integrate the blog with affiliate networks so that people can find ingredients and the tools we love to use on our homestead.

There will be a format something like this…

  • Mothering or Marriage on Mondays (special advice for mothers and wives) 
  • Tips on Tuesdays (Cleaning, DIY projects, Videos, and much more)
  • What’s Cooking Wednesday (Recipes and Cooking videos)
  • Homestead Thursdays (Get the story each week on our homestead adventures. Homestead teaching videos with the family)
  • Faith Journey Friday (My personal journaling of my faith journey)

We will be bundling great resources and videos so people can find what they need.  I have been revamping the entire blog this past month so that it will be easier to find information or posts that relate and coming up with fresh new content.  It will be NEW and with a fresh look.  I even found a web designer to help so I can have more time with my family!!!  We will also be having monthly reviews and giveaways to feature great products people want to promote.

The cameras are ready.  Let the Stories unfold!
Oh, I must not fail to mention this exciting news….we will be having a side Morning talk show.  It will be called The Morning Story.  This will be a talk show between Evangeline Johnson and I as we talk about anything and everything over a cup of tea!  We will invite guests to share their stories and cover all kinds of things we talk about.  If only you knew what we talk about!  You might want to tune in for these.  It is pretty wild and fun, I will give you that!

It is kind of surreal.  I never thought I would get back into blogging full time but I do not have to.  I do not have to do it full time.  It does not have to be me doing everything this time around.  I can create content and I now have a whole team right in my home!  We are a great team.  We have made homestead videos together in the past and now we can create more and more together.  A family working together, praying together, ministering others together, and being creative together is a recipe for some great fun!  I hope you will stick around for what is to come this upcoming month of February!!!

Just for a reminder…

Tea Time Talk Show Tuesday, every Tuesday at 2 pm CST on the Facebook page, Keeper of the Homestead   

  • You do not need to be a Facebook User to access these LIVE talk shows.  I set it up on a public site if you follow the link I provided for the Keeper of the homestead page.
Come Join us!!!

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10 thoughts on “4 Year Anniversary Of Keeper Of The Homestead”

  1. Wonderful news, I pray you and your family will have a successful and happy time with the re-launch. How good that you are working together, just like our family does. You give so much encouragement to others long may you continue. God Bless You.
    Diane xx

  2. This is very welcome news!
    Only yesterday I was having a look at your you tube channel to see if there was any new content.
    Looking forward to seeing and learning more

    Love and Blessing to you all

    Fiona x x

  3. This is wonderful, you having your children help you! Out here in Montana it’s hard to find good clean foods so we buy from Azure Standard (www.azurestandard.com) from OR . They deliver all over the country for a reasonable price and sell in bulk. They are an independent company and right now they are struggling because of Amazon having taken over Whole Foods. They will try to stay in business to be the “soul” or example of clean foods, which Amazon will lie about and sell whatever they want. They have never gotten a bank loan, but they are trying different things to see if they can boost their inventory again! Just thought if you need a link for a place to buy good ingredients for your recipes – Azure would be a good source. You just have to find a drop nearby. God bless your work, as He has and will!

    1. Hi! I really appreciate you sharing this. I just checked Azure out (never heard of it ’til reading your comment), and their products look fantastic. My family is about to move to a more remote place where it also may not be very convenient to find clean foods during every part of the year, and since I am still very new to canning, preserving, fermenting, etc., finding out about websites like this is an answer to prayer. Thankyou!

  4. How exciting! Our family loves your family. Our children often ask and wonder how big your children look now, and what is going on in your family’s lives now. They will be excited about the news, I know!
    I am very happy for you get to continue to work together as you always have!

  5. I recently found your YouTube channel and I am so glad I did!!! Whenever I need motivation to clean i turn to you and you never let me down! So I am so happy you are going to continue! I can’t wait to enjoy and learn more from you. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! Take care and have a wonderful day!

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