Virtuous Trust

The the virtuous woman is not afraid.  She is not a “Worry Wort”.  Instead she is simply prepared.  When she sees the ominous skies encroaching, she is ready.  They could be snowed in for days, but because this virtuous woman planned ahead for disaster, they are warm, clothed in the finest scarlet and fed.  Thinking ahead is a virtue.  There is no need for anxiety when you have a game plan.  Even if the inevitable happens, she is wise enough to figure something out.  She does her research, she works hard, and has good common sense.

Women are notorious for worrying.  When we do not see our small child for a few seconds, we automatically assume the worst.  Our heart starts pounding and our adrenals get ramped up, pumping adrenaline through our body.  We think the worst first and fear rules our minds.

Fear is the opposite of Trust and Faith.  There are two different kinds of fear.  Fear of God (to reverence God) and being fearful.  Fearing God is healthy where having fear is damaging to us.  It is interesting to note that “fear not” and “be not afraid” or “be anxious for nothing” appears over 365 times in the bible.  There are 365 days in the year.  I find it very comforting that God saw fit to remind us to not be afraid enough to abundantly cover each day of the year. ​

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea,
​I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Isaiah 41:10

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”
Matthew 10:28

Resist the temptation to worry.  God is in control.  Nothing changes just because you have some anxiety.  When we have a healthy fear of God we live life differently.  If I saw God I would fall on my face before him.  Even though He sees the secret thoughts of our hearts, we still think bad things about others and give lots of occasion to bitterness and jealousy.  He has command over the sea, over the clouds, over life, and over death.  One day we will see God and He will be so magnificent, mighty, and merciful at the same time.Fear of man
The fear of man is when you fear a man will judge you, condemn you, hurt you, or reject you.  We fail to share the truth with others because we fear offending them.  We care what others think too much.  When we care about what other think, we become a First Class People Pleaser.  I have been a people pleaser so much of my life it is not funny.  I could not say no because I was afraid to let people down.  I let people take advantage of me because I was afraid to stand up to them.  What could they do to me? What is the worst thing that would have happened?

  • They could stop visiting me
  • They could call me a bad name
  • They could hate me
  • They could tell people I am mean

These things are not that bad.  It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but time passes and wounds always heal.  Examine whether or not this person is your “real” friend.  “Real” friends do not put expectations on you because they accept you for who you are.  If God accepts you, then you need not worry about what others think.

Fear of circumstances
Lots of things can happen.  A tornado can suddenly rip out your home, leaving you homeless.  People get in car crashes and die.  Cancer claims lives while diseases spread.  Abusers lurk around the corner.  Murderers take life while thieves break in and steal.  Kids get abducted.  People are snuffed out in house fires.  Our freedoms are being taken away.  Our food is being poisoned.  And Satan is the god of this world gaining more and more followers each day to join the dark side.  What do we do?  How do we hide?  It is easy to allow fear to set in.  Rather, Christ tells us…

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”
Matthew 6:34

It is so easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom, what ifs, and be fearful.  Information is powerful.  I like to be wise and know what is going on so I am ready.

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” 
Matthew 10:16

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”
Matthew 24:42 

It is good to be ready.  Like the virtuous woman was ready.  Note that she was not afraid when disaster hit because she knew what to do.  Many people run around being fearful of war and what could happen.  They spend thousands in preparedness gear and have a bug-out location.  I heard of a man who died about 10 years ago.  He survived the Y2K scare and lived in fear until his last hour.  He had surveillance cameras all over his property that was nestled in a remote wooded area.  This guy thought the end was coming.  He had his guns loaded and was ready for the Apocalypse.  Eventually he died from natural causes, but to think about locking yourself down like that is just plain sad.  He could have enjoyed the sunshine, the roses, and being with family, but instead he looked at his stash of guns he never used, his hoards of rations that never needed rationing, and was utterly alone.  I bet his passionate drive against what could have happened drove all of his loved ones away.  The stress he placed on his fearful heart caused him to die early.  Stress is a killer.

Instead, I look at history.  I see nations that have risen and then had fallen.  Wicked rulers that wanted to be like God in every generation.  Wars and famine, pestilence and disease never stopped because of fear.  We have a choice.  We can either choose to fear the unknown or we can get wise.  Life is unpredictable.  People can lose their jobs.  I was not prepared to lose my photography business.  Stuff happens.  People get sick.  Storms of life come.  Disaster strikes.  God instructs us to be wise but not fearful.  When Joseph suddenly was abandoned by his own people and enslaved by Egypt, he never knew he would be used of God to prepare the land for famine.  God gave this young slave a vision of what was coming through Pharaoh’s dream.  He was able to interpret this dream.  Joseph, by the grace of God, was able to organize a plan to store up for the seven years of famine.  When they were living off the fat of the land, they had such an abundance; they were able to put away enough to last in the hard times to come.

When the drought came and the rain ceased from watering the earth, Joseph opened the store houses.  They were prepared.  If it was not for his wisdom, they would have been destroyed.  God gives us great examples in His word of how He took care of His people.  We need not worry.  Being watchful and being prepared is a good thing.  If you have a way to grow food, a way to cook it with no power, a source of heat and water, and some essentials stored up, you will be ready when the snow comes.  Your household will be clothed in scarlet.

Being Prepared 
We have been homesteading for about 12 years now.  Homesteading is a great life.  Not only are you raising food that your family eats, you are building strong family ties.  The family that works and prays together, stays together.  You do not have to live in the country to start homesteading.  There are little things you can do to be prepared for what ever life may bring.

Click on this graphic below to read more about some simple steps to homesteading…

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  1. Worry is such a useless state/emotion whatever we want to call it -yet it takes over and consumes us at every turn if we let it.
    I don’t like to think of how much of my life has been wasted through worrying in the past
    Faith is so important without it we have nothing

  2. Worry can consume us and stop us from trusting the Lord to guide us. I try to worry less and give my worries up to the Lord. People laugh at me when I try to be prepared for things, but who is it that they came to when they lost their water and power supplies during the winter storms? As a wife and mother I feel it is my duty to prepare for possible problems which would effect my family. A nice thought provoking piece Erin, God Bless You, Diane x

  3. I wept reading this! This has been me for so long. I have been praying for the lord to help me with worrying, laziness, and be obedient to my husband in everything! I have been reading proverbs 31 the last few days. What a blessing your website has been to me…Thank you for all the truths and honesty your articles bring. I once mentioned to you I was not lazy but in truth was. Thankful for the Lord dealing with me in all these areas!:). Thank you again!
    Sisters in Christ

  4. This is strange to call a wish thing that you don’t want to happen. I prefer to think of positive and to avoid negative thoughts. I think that this is right.

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