The Spring, The Camp, and The Calf

The Spring
This past week at the new homestead, my husband has been trying to figure out how we will get our water since there is no well on the property.  It is quite costly to drill a well, so we are planning on getting our water from the hillside spring!  Pure God given water!

Mark found a 250 gallon water container and deeply cleaned it.  He also had to purchase some piping and concrete to get the job done.

The spring flows at about 2 gallons a minute which is really good, but it is about 3 feet up the side of a sheer cliff!  As you can see, the two boards run parallel up the side of the cliff that is plenty wet.  My husband had to pull that huge container up somehow along those boards without killing himself in the process. 

After he set the tank he came home for lunch.  He told me that he did almost kill himself.  He used an old cobbled together ladder left on the property.  When climbing the ladder, one of the rungs broke loose and he fell.  He told me he was left hanging upside down from the ladder just a few feet from the rocks below.

When I heard that story, I was determined to assist him in the afternoon, just so someone was there to call for help.  I filmed the process which was not easy.  He and Miles had to hoist me up a different ladder and haul me to the place I would film.  It was treacherous!  The steep hill was leaking fresh water everywhere so the ground would easily slip under your feet.  I sat against a tree to support me and I soon noticed that it was a pretty view from up there.

Here is a little video clip that Mark took with his phone to explain it a little…

41 thoughts on “The Spring, The Camp, and The Calf

  1. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures. What a wonderful opportunity you have! I love the idea of the camp.

  2. I can’t wait to bring the family down! Are you going to list your experience by seasons? So if I wanted to learn how to make maple syrup (are there maple trees there?) when should we plan on coming down? Or maybe, instead, when do you butcher chickens? Is that in in the fall, I wouldn’t mind learning how to can meat. You should put a calender up and the activities and seasons, even if it is just tenative.

    • Yes, that is exactly how we will do this! We will have a spring camp where people can get experience with the maple sugaring. There will be beekeeping, sheep to sheer and wool to spin. Yes, season by season, and it will be very fun! Setting up a calendar will be essential so others can plan their visit! Great idea!

  3. I’m so excited for this camp! My husband and I are so interested in Homesteading and what a fun family oriented way to learn the ropes!!!! 😀 I have just recently (within the past week actually) just discovered your blog and youtube videos and all I can say is WHAT A BLESSING! What an encouragement they have been to me! The Lord has used you through your blog and videos already to speak to my heart and already working a new change in my life! God Bless You Erin!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write me here! I am so glad you were able to find me somehow and that you are enjoying my content. It truly means a lot that you wrote to me and let me know what you think, it is very encouraging! God bless you! You are so special and such a blessing also to me!

  4. What a great idea you both have there. What a perfect way to share all your skills and loving ways with families. They will come away from their stay with you with so many great ideas and a refreshed loving heart. Well done. You are certainly hardworking. Cutest little calf looks like plenty of milk in that healthy udder. Yahoo!!!

    • Thanks so much Vicki! Yes, a perfect way to share skills that will help people also give yet more skills to their families and community. Yes, we are getting 4 gallons a day! It is like liquid gold! Loving the homestead life as usual. Have a blessed day, friend!

  5. What a beautiful property you have there Erin! I am enjoying following along on your adventures. What a blessing the spring is. We would love to have water on our farm, but it just isn’t around here.
    My foster son who is sitting here loves you calf picture 🙂
    Have a lovely day

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it is so wonderful to hear from you again! And to know your feedback. Tell your foster son that I thank him for loving that photo, I love it too! You have a blessed and lovely day!

  6. Best post ever!!!!!! Thank you so much for financially-explaining this new journey! Love to see God’s provision in a journey!!

    • I sure appreciate you popping in and letting me know you like the post. It is such a blessing. I am so thankful that the Lord is providing as well. When I had my injury years ago to my nerve it made us have to start completely over financially, so we are so thankful God is giving us another homestead after all these years! It is amazing! God bless you sister!

  7. I’m thinking maybe eventually a small meeting house…you could combine bath & kitchen facilities perhaps? Maybe small church groups would be interested for retreats or even marriage retreats. I think God is showing my rather large church how important small groups are for effective fellowship & ministry opportunities. God has given your husband so many talents! I’m sure He will reveal plans step by step for your family…one thing at a time! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    • That is such a fantastic idea! I love it! Yes, small groups and church camps could rent out the facility which would help pay for itself somehow. That would be so ideal! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and give your input, it is so helpful to our family. We appreciate you so very much! God bless!

  8. My family would love to come to your camp! I actually was thinking that it would be awesome to stay with you and learn how you do it all… but in the back of my mind was like “is that weird?” But the word camp is so perfect for the way it works. I’m still so proud of you. Your such an amazing woman of God! I tell so many people about you and how your family is what ours strives for. <3

    • That would be amazing if you could come to the camp to learn! You are so sweet! It is such a blessing to see your note! It meant so much to me today! Thank you for being such a kind person, we need like a million of you out there! You are a blessing!

  9. Have you had any problems with your cow having her horns? We are looking to get our first jersey, and the one we are interested in has horns… which makes me nervous. We have young kids,also.

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