Joys of Thanksgiving

It has been a long 12 days of trying to figure out what was wrong with our daughter and how to fix it. But we have some great news…

After I started Megan on some supplements, she just seemed to take a turn for the better even though it seemed worse at first, but that was because there was an all out war going on under the skin! Her rash was almost gone by the next morning!!! The swelling in her face was almost completely gone as well. Those products actually work to kill and remove bacteria. It seemed to me that it was working. I was worried at first I was giving her too much of those products because I was giving larger doses, but I literally did not have any other options besides the Oregano oil capsules, the charcoal, or the vitamin C.

When she showed signs of improvement, I believe she relapsed simply due to the conditions she was made to suffer at the doctors office.  Sitting there in a cold room on a hard chair just after she had been used to laying in bed sleeping for the previous 10 days with fevers, was not a good thing for her.  Besides that, once I asked to leave to get her some nourishment, they not only told us we could not leave, but they handed her some potato chips and some Sprite!  That sounds very healthy for a sick girl’s immune system.  Sometimes I just wonder…They are so smart.  Doctors should know about nutrition!!!  I know sugar is really hard on a person’s immune system.

After we got in the car she began to cry, the rash had returned and she had a fever!  I believe it was all due to those conditions.  I usually never complain about things, but I was able to express my concern about the situation when they called to check on her.  The infectious disease doctor said she didn’t know my daughter was so cold and uncomfortable.  I just told her in the future they should offer the sick children a blanket, something nourishing if over the lunch hour, and a pillow to rest their head.  And she was so kind.  She thought that was a good thing to make sure to do if that should happen again.  And maybe even have healthier snacks as well.  I love the staff at the hospital, they do try to take the best care of the kids they see.  I am so thankful they are in the business of helping kids everyday and saving lives.  I never want to seem ungrateful for what they tried to help my daughter with.  And all is good!

The doctors did not know what it was, which was very frustrating to them and to us as well.  They had a series of blood tests that only gave us a small picture of what it was not.  Her liver counts were still a bit higher than normal, but improving overall.  They were not too thrilled that I had been giving her other natural, non FDA regulated things, but they gave us nothing for her to take that would kill the bacteria that was making her so ill.  I would have taken what ever they prescribed.  As a mother, when you don’t get answers and your child’s life is in the balance, and you KNOW something that had worked well helping your family get well in other ways, you are like,  I MAY AS WELL TRY THAT WITH THIS BIG FAT BUG what ever this strange thing is!!! Maybe it is a combination of the two, the Plexus and the Oregano, but she is cleansing and things were finally looking up for us.  I still give all the credit to God because he created all the natural things we took as well as supplied the wisdom to take them.

What do we think it was?
We believe that our daughters illness was a complication from the brown recluse bite.  I actually met several people in the area that had the same exact situation.  They nearly died from the infection it caused as well.  It is very scary, but we have a BIG GOD who understands and in Him we place our trust ultimately!

The past 2 days have been just a miracle to us.  Megan’s rash was nearly gone and we have had absolutely no fevers.  I just keep on with my natural remedies that prove to be cleansing her body from all the impurities and illness.  You would never guess that she was ever sick!  In fact, yesterday she she helped can spaghetti sauce and make a big chicken dinner.  She told me the day before that she really wanted to make chicken and mashed potatoes.  A family from Alabama was on their way through with their camping RV and we invited them along with Owen and Evie to celebrate her life and wellness!

We called it a Thanksgiving Meal!  We all have so much to be thankful for and I for one, was so thankful for my daughters healing!

God has been faithful to answer all your many prayers. Thank you all so much for your prayers, it has meant so much to our family during our crisis. May God continue to heal my daughter, I know His hand is upon her! All the Glory to God!

Megan is doing so well, she wanted to cook dinner and help us preserve the harvest!!  Things are returning to normal.  Praise the Lord! I just had tears in my eyes, from feeling like we nearly lost our daughter to having her back again, is just so overwhelming. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you who labored with us in prayer, for God who supplied the grace and mercy! Thanks be to God from whom all blessing flow! And I just want to especially thank you all who have taken time and care to think of our daughter and remember her in your prayers. God bless each of you!

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  1. Oh Erin so very happy to read this and know Megan is through the worst and healing well
    Sending my love and Blessings to you all
    Fiona x

  2. Praise G-d sweet sis! I’m rejoicing with you! That is a very scary and unnerving situation to be in but our G-d is faithful and I’m so glad she is doing much better. Blessings and Aloha in Christ!

  3. God is always on time. thank you Jesus for manifesting the healing of Megan! You already did it at Calvary – we serve a mighty God!

  4. Praise Jesus!!! Our family had been praying for Megan and are so thankful to hear she is doing better! Will continue to pray she has no further complications from the bite.

  5. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well! Will keep praying!
    I wanted to ask if it is safe to take plexus slim while breastfeeding or pregnant?

  6. Guess I should have read your recent posts first. So glad to hear that Megan is getting better. Praise God! I have been on BioCleanse, Probio5, and XFactor for several weeks trying to detox from chemo. Hoping I’ll see some good results as well.

  7. The doctors saved your daughter’s life and you are criticizing their hard chairs? Seems very ungrateful. Praise God for modern antibiotics.

    • They did not give her antibiotics, or else I would have gladly taken them. They did not save her life, but I know that they do save lives and I am always thankful for that.

      • Erin is a great Mom, an awesome role model! She definitely was not criticizing the doctors for what they did or did not do, all she is saying, is she did the right thing at the right time when there was no other option! Praise the Lord for Saving Megan! 🙂 (and giving Erin the wisdom and knowledge to help her daughter!)

  8. Hospitality? Hospitals are not supposed to provide hospitality. They provide medical care for the sick. Why didn’t you bring a blanket for your daughter? Why didn’t you pack some food? A hospital is not supposed to do a parent’s job. You are upset they didn’t provide a meal? You were not going out to eat.
    It’s good you took her to the hospital. It sounds like they helped her a lot. I suggest being grateful, particularly if you need a payment plan or some help paying them.

    • I would have brought a blanket, a pillow, and a meal if I would have known that they would have us there for 4 hours. It was just a doctor visit in the clinic. They never usually ever take that long. I could not plan ahead to provide the necessary amenities to my daughter when they did not let us know ahead of time. I love planning ahead, just in this case getting there for the first appointment of their schedule, at 9 am, I had no idea it would be for that long. I just felt bad for my daughter who was sitting there, cold, and in pain. If my daughter would have let me know how badly she was feeling, I would have let the staff know and I am sure they would have brought her a blanket. They are not heartless. I am thankful for hospitals and doctors. They do save lives. They have saved many lives. No they are not responsible to be the parent, and usually, if admitted to the hospital they are very good about making a patient comfortable. They give you a bed, nourishment. They are excellent. When I told the doctor about the situation, she actually agreed. She told me that normally a clinical visit is much much shorter, and that since this one was unusually long, she agreed and said she it would have been good to have the nurses make sure a patient who is there that long should be given a blanket and asked if they would like to lie down. It is no big deal for them to do that, in fact, if we would have known it would be that long, we would have asked and they would have been more than happy to help. They have amazing staff there that does care about the kids.
      No, they did not know what was going on, so they were unable to help her. But I am grateful she is better. And I never wanted to seem ungrateful for modern medicine. I am sorry if I seemed to be ungrateful, and I paid them in full for their care. I was thankful they were willing to help us try to figure out what was going on. Even though they were unable, they were working hard to figure it out and even called us every day after that to check in on her, which was very kind of them. The important thing is that my daughter is okay, and God is good!

  9. This is for Candy. It seems that you are not a True Believer of Christ and probably don’t need to be part of this site. Jesus Christ Saves and the fact that Erin was given Wisdom by God to administer the Plexus & Oregano Oil to help her daughter was a Blessing. I could say that Erin has been through a lot with Megan, her Husband and Son( Lyme disease), not including all that she has been through shows what a faithful & grateful woman she is. She wasn’t complaining. The doctors office should have offered her something to accommodate her & Megan, since it took so long. It saddens & Upset me that you would say such ugly things to Erin, knowing all that she has been through with Megan. Almost losing her. Praise God, He has Healed her!!

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