Cheesy Broccoli Rice

It has been a long time since I was able to settle into my normal routine with all my sickness, moving, and all my many guests in early May.  I am so excited to announce that I am back to my productive self and intend on staying this way:)

What is on the menu today?  Cheesy Broccoli Rice with Strawberry Shortcake.  What fun!

I just made this recipe up on Saturday evening and it went over really well.


Steam broccoli


Sautee your onions in butter until tender.


Add your cream cheese, milk, and shredded cheese. Melt together until smooth.


Add cheese mixture to rice and mix together.


Toss the steamed broccoli into the cheesy rice mixture.
I topped out meal off with this very lovely shortcake I experimented with.  I am that kind of cook.  I can not follow a recipe, I have to play:)  This turned out so good, I had to share it with all of my readers.  Fluffy, light, and full of flavor, it was the best shortcake I have ever had in my life!
To print off my FREE recipe cards for today, just simply click on the image below and it will download as a pdf.  I recommend printing the cards on card stock paper and cut them to 3×5 inch size.  They will fit very nicely into any recipe box.  Enjoy!

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  1. I just printed this rice recipe. We have one we love with rice,broccolli, chicken and cheese, so I know we’ll like this one.

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