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A bit more personal updates…

8 years ago, my daughter, Molly Harrison was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  At the time, I had never really had any experience with diabetes or knew anyone who suffered from it.  She was only 6 years old at the time and I thought she was having a bladder infection.

I thought cranberry juice would do the trick for the bladder infection because she had frequent urination. There was no pain nor any other symptoms.  I was not very worried at the time.   I figured it would pass. When I started noticing weight loss, I began to become concerned and I immediately brought her to a local doctor.  I had real fears that something must be wrong when she started to seem less energetic.

After the doctor saw her, he gave the diagnosis and sent us right to the hospital for the help she needed.  Little did I know that this was a disease without cure.  Something that could eventually take her life if it should get out of control.  And it did seem to be out of control most of the time.  I was in and out of the doctors office the next few years that had passed.

I felt like I failed her.  She had seizures and blood sugars that were just hard to control.  We ate very healthy, we counted carbohydrates, we consulted with the best doctors in that area of expertise.  I would not settle for anything less than the best for my precious daughter.  Specialists were baffled at why her kidneys would not filter properly.  They were mystified that she was having late stage complications at such a tender age.

I had log books, I monitored every ounce of water she drank, checked the brix, checked pH, checked her sugars every 30 minutes and corrected accordingly.  I gave it my all.  I even had allergy tests run to figure out if she was insulin resistant because of some allergy to food.  We raised our own food, I was health conscious in every way.  I ground our own wheat and sprouted the grains to make the healthiest of breads.

I put her on fresh squeezed juice, took her off dairy, grains, and focused on healing her gut.  Nothing worked and it seemed to only get worse.  It was deepening my feelings of failure.  A blood test came back that showed high reaction to the protein in wheat.  I took her off wheat, of course.  She seemed more stable.  The kidney issues cleared up.  The A1C was still high.  It usually hovered above 9 points.   Which is really bad for a diabetic.

People would recommend diets, or health supplements all the time.  When you are going through all of this stress and hard work of trying to keep your daughter healthy, the last thing you want to hear about is some miracle cure that will take it all away after you tried it all already!  You get angry because people do not get it.  They simply do not know what you have tried, what you have gone through with your child, the sleepless nights, the hospital visits, the worry of your child not waking.

They have an easy fix for you.  Just take this or that and she will get better.  When I was dealing with my own chronic pain, a friend shared another product with me.  This was about 2 years ago.  I was completely and utterly skeptical.  But since she was willing to BUY it for me, I thought, why not.  I took it until I was out, nothing earth shattering happened.  I dropped it.  Forgot about it, really.  It just did not work for us!  I will admit I was looking for Fast Food results with a Lottery ticket mentality.  Sure recipe for instant failure.

Almost a year ago, I wrote a blog post about this product and I told you all that I was going to try it again because I waited and watched people in my community for about a year.  I was the biggest enemy because they were crazy, I did not get better, and I suppose I was a little jealous that they were so on fire for it because they said it was really helping people get better.  So I told you I was going to give it a go.

I am very careful not to mention things on my blog that would be salesy because I am not a salesperson.  Actually, talking about products that are network marketing made my skin crawl because that is NOT ME.  It just always went past my comfort zone and I was actually very worried I would offend my readers somehow.  And maybe It did offend some of you.

I have had people in my family using the products consistently for the past year for various health issues.  I was committed to find out how long it would take for their bodies to heal and respond.  It was not overnight.  After about 6 months, my daughter’s A1C dropped from a 9.9 to a 7.1 which is NORMAL!!!!  It literally brings tears to my eyes because you just have no idea how much of a blessing it is to see your daughter finally able to live a normal life again.

My husband 8 years ago, same time Molly was diagnosed with diabetes, he contracted a bad case of Lyme disease.  He was having black outs and was not able to work.  I had to work to support our family.  We moved from rural TN to Little Chute, WI in 2007.  I had to put the kids in school that year and had to run a full time photography business.  I had previously just done photography as a side business, but I had to buckle down and figure out how to produce an income that would support our entire financial needs as a family.

While my husband lost his ability to work, think, and remember things, I was able to grow our business to a 6 figure income in about 6 months time!  I did bridal shows and meetings all through the week and enjoyed working with people in that way for their most special day of their lives.  12 hour days at the wedding events pulled me far from home at times.  Eventually, we were able to find some herbs that Debi Pearl researched to help him get detoxed a bit.  It helped a little and he was able to help with the photography business.

In 2009, I opted to have a very common surgical procedure.  It was a bladder lift.  That moment changed all of our lives forever.  I came out screaming in pain and no drugs, they tried to pump me full of, helped.  I spent 9 months basically bedridden in extreme, constant pain.  I was paralyzed in my right foot and started a disease called Reflex Sympathetic Pain Syndrome.  There is also no cure for that.  I had to have groomsmen at the weddings literally carry me around because I could not walk from the severe amount of pain. Running a photography business was out of the questions at this point.  I was disabled.  Below is a photo of a groom carrying me with my camera.  He should be carrying his bride not his photographer.  How embarrassing.

I could no longer endure those intense 12 hour wedding photo shoots.  It was unrealistic.  So we had to shut the whole business down which resulted in losing our homestead and everything we had worked so hard to build.  I went to Mexico for stem cell treatments which helped me go into remission for the first time.  Tha
t lasted about 2 months.  But I felt on top of the world.  When you can do nothing for so long, you just would do almost anything to wash a tub full of dishes, to help your family in some common way.  I was never well enough to work full time again.Fast forward to about a year ago.  I was doing great.  I was having good days and bad days with pain issues.  I wrote a book and a had this blog to minister to others.  I was thankful for all that I could do!  Mark was not doing so good, and feeling very tired all the time.  My son Miles was never able to concentrate or even run around the house without becoming very short of breath.  He has had Lyme disease for about 10 years now.  So, by faith, I put Miles, my husband, and Molly on these supplements.  Knowing that it had really helped my friend Shoshanna with her Lyme disease, I thought it was worth a try.  I did not take it because I figured nothing will help me.  I had tried other vitamins and supplements.  They seemed to help for a time and then I was right back in my seat again, left thinking about what I can do to ease the pain.This past winter hit hard.  I was in bed most days.  I was cold and in pain.  Depressed even.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped being a people person.  I loved our beautiful rental home and my husband wanted to go out on a limb and buy a property that was totally RUN DOWN!  It was a literal shack!!!!!  I was laying in bed, thinking, how could I help him, how could I have the energy to move from that bed or chair.  I was disabled and I was going to pack an entire home and remodel a homestead?  Yeah right!

I decided it was time to do something.  I got out of that bed after getting my mind back into the captivity of Christ.  I repented of my bad attitudes and the sin of self centered Me Monster depression.  I thought for sure I was impervious to getting low.  I got out of bed and started taking these same supplements, and started doing physical therapy on the floor each night.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In the meanwhile, Mark was feeling great from taking these supplements.  He was on fire!  He was able to work again-FULL TIME For the first time in the past 8 years.  He was feeling so ambitious.  That is why he wanted to build a life for his family again, have our own homestead again after losing everything from my pain and injury!  He wanted to build us a homestead.  Miles was able to do great with his school work and run a mile in 8 minutes!  My daughter was feeling great and getting her disease under control, so now it was my turn!

I went back into remission this past April, Thank the Lord!  I have lost 15 pounds from being more active.  I feel so energetic and full of life!  I am able to do more than normal which says a lot.  I have no idea how long this beautiful remission will last, but I know that I feel really healthy and I am glad my family is experiencing better health as well.

And I am sorry if you do not appreciate my testimonial on a product that is helping us.  I am sorry if you are like I was and just get annoyed with hearing about another company that is helping people get their health back.  I can’t believe it actually helped us all get our health back, but it did!  And I am so thankful to God for it NOW.  Never thought I would say that about these supplements.  But it is a very humbling moment for me to look back at this past year and see where my life was and where it is today and I give all the Glory to God.  God can use anything and make something from it.  Even the things we hate.

He supplies our every need, He is there waiting to help us.  As normal human beings, we spend too much time with negative thought patterns, jealousy, instead of just jumping in and taking control of our situations.  It is easier to give up than to fight the good fight.  But if you persevere, you reap some pretty amazing blessings.  I have about 10 close friends who took the risk of trying something they were also skeptical about, and now they pushed through the back lashing, the slander, the nay saying, and are now changing tons of lives with all natural products and making a living along the way.

Just thought you might all want to hear our updates on our improved health.

I am planning to go on tour to talk about my life, our homesteading, and about our vision.  I want to just share with others what we have experienced.  I am excited about that.  I am hoping our family will be a blessing.  We hope also to open our homesteading camp soon, Lord willing, and make this a great homestead learning center for families!  We are proof that anything is possible!

If you are interested in learning more about the supplements we took, just drop me a line.  I am so happy to help any way that I can.  homesteadproductions@gmail.com

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    • Yes, it sure is safe to take during nursing! I know a lot of mamas that experience the energy and are returning to their health much sooner.

  1. What a blessing to hear your family is on the mend– Sounds like this Plexus is doing a great job- I will lift your family up in prayer– Your words have helped me including your book- Now maybe my prayers will help you and your family with continued good health-

  2. Wow Erin. Thank you. We will be praying for you. God is good, not just for our spirit, but for every part of life!

  3. Thank you for your vulnerability, Erin. Boy, you just never know what people are going through! Your family is so beautiful and bring a lot of hope to so many people. God bless you and I will be praying for continued health!

  4. Oh my goodness! You look tiny in the picture of being carried. How tall are you? I am so pleased you are all feeling much better!

  5. I saw another web article where you were saying that essential oils helped you recover. Was it a combination of these or did the EOs stop working?

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