What will we do with 56 quarts of pie filling?  Make some pies for the husband?  I just had to do it.  There was a kind man that gave us 10 bushels of apples last fall because there was a really good crop.  I stored these apples out in my insulated garage all winter and to our suprise, they were still in really nice shape.  I made 14 quarts of apple sauce with my little girls one day and another day I invited my Amish friends over to help me do up the pie filling.  We peeled and schnitzed (Pennsylvanian Dutch-what they call cutting up) 2 bushels of apples.  It was so much fun, you have no idea.  I love getting together for work days.  Years ago, ladies and men would work together as a community to get things done.  The women would quilt, can, and clean together.  The men would chop wood, build barns, fences, bail hay, and butcher animals together.  We have all these modern conveniences and we still do not have time to help our fellow man.  That is one thing that is seriously lost in our present culture.  The Amish still keep this tradition and it works.  They do not have a modern washing machine nor a dish washer, they still do it all by hand.  Laundry day with my Amish neighbors is a whole day ordeal.  I have helped them work the gas ringer washers.  I love it.  I would have one if I could.  I love working with my hands.  It takes a long time and a lot of patience to get through a weeks worth of laundry (for some it is 15 loads of clothing).  And yet, they have time to help each other spring and fall clean, washing every window and wall in the homes, can MY apple pie filling, then can Elvesta’s apple pie filling tomorrow.  It is a beautiful thing.

I made a pie for the husband.  It went over well.  ;)

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