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Friends of ours from Oklahoma moved into our community.  They bought an old homestead in a hollow of our Tennessee hills.  It had old fallen down barns and a creek.  What more could a family want?  The home was in need of much repair, so they have been living in a camper trailer while my husband has been working alongside John to renovate and add on. 

This is no small situation.  The lovely family is comprised of 12 people!  10 children under 12 years old!!!  They are all living in a camper trailer until the home is ready.  They make the most with what they have.  I am amazed at what happy campers they all are.  Most people would have cabin fever by now.  Imagine 12 people trying to use a camper sized bathroom each morning when EVERYONE has to go!  They live on 64 acres, so there is plenty of space for all the kids to play.

Beth lovingly prepares meal after meal for her family in her micro kitchen.  I found out she makes the best salsa this side of Tennessee.  She whips anything together out of simple ingredients like rice and beans.  Fixing on a home makes for a lean budget, so Beth figures out ways to make tons of good tasting food with little money to start with.  I am trying to take pointers from her as much as I can.  She is a real inspiration to me.  I do not know how she does it except for by the Grace of God.  Every time I see her, I am welcomed with warm food and a big smile.  She always has more than enough love to pass around.

Since Mark has been out working at their homestead, we have been riding out to visit quite often.  I look forward to an afternoon with Beth and her little ones.  I miss the toddler stage.  The toddlers are so full of wonder and brightness.  It thrills my heart to hear them giggle and ask a million questions.

All of my kids are excited to visit and PLAY with the kids.  Here is their camper.

This is their home.  It has all been gutted and the new windows installed.
Here is my husband building the rafters for their new edition which will be a future mud room/all purpose room.  Mikey is up there helping hold the roof tin for his dad.
Junior and Mikey spend a lot of time on the trampoline with the boys.
Beth and Hannah are having fun cooking in their little kitchen.
Dumping the clean sock drawer out makes for a big enough popcorn container for all of our kids put together.  Even though their belongings are in storage, Beth always figures out ways to make everything fun.
All the kids dug into her famous Kettle Corn.  After the popcorn was consumed, the boys threw the rest of the kernels into the campfire to watch them “Pop”!
The girls were making forts up in the hillside.
They found this cute little critter when they were constructing their fort.
We are enjoying our fellowship with community, working hand in hand.

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  1. Tears flowing still… you have no idea how your blog is touching me… my heart… ministering to me so much. I cannot thank you enough for these heartfelt, God-ordained posts.

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