This past Sunday we had a get together at our homestead.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship.  Everyone brought a pot of chili and some of us dumped it together in a bigger pot.
People were filling bowl after bowl of hot chili, adding crackers, cheese, sour cream, or corn chips.
Children lined up everywhere you looked, enjoying their chili.
Jackie trying to feed Debi a bit of her chili. 
Daisy was filling cups of hot apple cider.  We all brought a gallon of apple cider and dumped that together in a large stock pot over a burner after adding several cinnamon sticks.  It was tasty!
Kids were licking their lips, and gathering up all the cheesy popcorn their cups would allow.
It is not a fall festival without a proper hay ride.  Mark saddled up the old John Deere for a ride along the beautiful Cane Creek.  The children were singing hymns while they bumped down the lane. 
Everyone was clutched together on a bed lined with fresh hay.  See if you can find the baby goat.
Some of the boys liked having their feet dangling off the back.
We started the telephone game.  One person would start the game by telling someone a phrase and that phrase went around the entire circle until it came back to the first person.  We found it very funny that the message always got mixed up. 
There were potato sack races...
There was tug of war.  Mark and Randy against the kids.  The kids won.
The boys against the girls.  The boys won!
The Harrisons against the Determan family of 12.  Yup.  The Determans had more man power.  We found out 10 kids has more strength put together than our five.  Even when we added Joshua, we were still no match!
Two-legged race.
And the limbo.
How low can they go?
Music was played for all to enjoy sitting in the warm sunshine.
Any of the food that dropped on the ground was gathered up and tossed to our pigs.  They are like the clean up committee.  Right now they are working on our garden, tilling every square inch of it up while they get to eat all the roots and brush.  
Apples were strung for a husband/wife apple eating contest.
Get ready, set, hold your partner's hands...
Go!  Let's see what married couple will win.  I thought for sure we would win.  Mark takes big bites.  But no.  Randy and Daisy showed us up!  It was sure funny to balance the apple between us.
The kids passed tiny rocks to one another with plastic spoons.  They tried to make sure not to drop it along the way!
People laughed, shared stories, and just enjoyed spending time together.  I really was a blessing.  I will always cherish the memories we shared that day.  Good old fashioned fun!

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  1. I like all your thoughts and ideas for your festival. Would you be willing to share a sample itinerary that I can look over to perhaps implement into our fall day of activities? Thank you.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing I have been thinking of having a harvest festival gathering, this is so great and wonderful nice happy fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I got to know Jackie a little bit when her and Denny lived in Berne, IN. Nice to see that she is doing well. I have often thought about her and wondered where she was. Thanks for sharing.

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