Wild Mothering with Vange and Erin (Talk Show)

What is Wild Mothering? u00a0It is the art of being free to be all God created you to be and embracing the calling upon your life as Mother.u00a0It is no coincidence that we are talking about this with Mother’s Day just around the corner. u00a0It is time to celebrate. u00a0Rejoice for all Mothers’ out there.

Maybe you are struggling right now with discipline issues that keep you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and without direction. u00a0You may feel that you are not cut out for this task at times. u00a0But you are. u00a0You are the perfect parent for those children that God has given to you. u00a0Be set free today and find out all kinds of helpful tips on parenting. u00a0

So many times I felt like a failure. u00a0I felt like I was the worst mother. u00a0There are memories of days I did not want to get out of bed to face the task set before me. u00a0Days when little smiling faces were all that kept me going. u00a0I hated watching my husband’s truck roll out of the driveway each morning, knowing I would have a long day of wiping, changing diapers, squabbles, complaining, and it was all I could do to hold myself from falling apart. u00a0

It wasn’t until I realized that God gave me all the tools to be a good shepherd to my little flock. u00a0He came to deliver us from our thoughts of defeat and our slavery to self. I wasn’t used to being on call all the time, around the clock. u00a0When you look at life through a perspective that it is hard and that it is never ending, it is! u00a0Whatever you say is your reality. u00a0I came to a moment where I started thanking God for my privilege to mother and to guide souls. u00a0It opened up my heart to heal and to embrace the joy of mothering. u00a0

When I met Vange I felt I had met my twin. u00a0She had the same passion and zeal for life as I had. u00a0I did not always have it like she did. u00a0I was a Debbie Downer and a Full on Negative Nancy at one time of my life. u00a0BUT there is HOPE, ladies! u00a0So much hope for the hopeless and downtroddenu2014 in Jesus!! We can have such amazing victory. u00a0Each day starts off with God’s faithfulness as he shows us that we can have the mercy and grace to begin again. u00a0We do not have to get all stopped up with the failures and bad attitudes of yesterday. u00a0We can begin each day with a SMILE, with HOPE, and with JOY, just because we get into the habit of turning pity to praise and our long lonely songs of despair to to rejoicing. u00a0It is all a choice and it takes practice, but you can do it. u00a0If I could change my countenance through Christu2014You can too!

I know this video will release you if you feel stuck and encourage you in your calling as wife and mother. u00a0Life will never be the same as you learn to choose LIFE and JOY!

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2 thoughts on “Wild Mothering with Vange and Erin (Talk Show)”

  1. I am so thankful for this article Erin, and the encouragement. I struggle with being a downer and negative, and am trying to remember to smile, and be joyful!!!! It works wonders in our home until I forget again :// One thing I would really like to hear from Vange and you is about homeschooling.. I am on the second yr of educating at home. Our oldest two went to a church school, then we moved to a small mission church in southern Chile, where I now school. I never dreamed I would learn to love it so much, but it took alot of silencing the voices of friends and my own mind that because they are not in a school school I was somehow gonna fail them. I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit’s guiding that I am capable of raising and teaching these children. I have Debi’s Big Book of Homeschooling. The voices still sometimes make me feel discouraged that may be I may fail them. I so hate the struggle between my heart and my mind. I want to know how to be a “wild mother ” in the area of school. I am getting there, but am seeking encouragement from some one like you and Vange. I wish I could meet you for real. I think I would love you all wildly, and we could dance through the fields together with our children :))

    1. I would also love to dance with you and your children in the fields. I miss the days my little ones are into dancing through the fields, but one day they will dance again when they have little ones. Teen years are different, they love to do the adventures, though, and sports, swimming, and we still do lots of wild fun, together. It has seasons. I just forwarded the amazing question to Vange and she will surely help me to answer on the show tomorrow. Thank you so much! God bless you!

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