Summer Story Pt 2 (Remodeling and Barn Raising)

Upon arriving home from Wisconsin, we came home to Lucy who thought we left her forever.  She had this separation anxiety while we were gone.  Dogs do not always understand that when you drive out and do not come back for a few days, you may never return.  Growing up in a dog kennel, I have seen it all.  Dogs will do pretty crazy things when their masters leave them.  Lucy poops.  The unfortunate young men that we put in charge of her care had to find piles and piles of it each day to clean up.

When we heard the dreadful news, we wondered if she was sick.  A dog can eat something which can upset their bowel.  My theory, from past experience working with animals, was that she was lonely.  She missed me.  This dog normally never messes in the house.  She is always following me everywhere I go in the house.  In desperation, we called up Nancy Campbell and she rescued Lucy.  Apparently, she only but needed love and encouragement.  The boys were quick to do their chore of letting her out and off they would go.  They did not spend time talking to her.  I am sure the messes made the boys a little cross.  Lucy needed to know she was loved.  That’s all any of us long for in this life.  I would imagine I would feel pretty abandoned if I were her.  Words are powerful and love is our lifeline.

All carpets were soaked up in it and the first thing we did upon arrival was to rip all the carpets out of our house which thankfully began the remodeling process.  My husband said this event encouraged him to start our master bedroom project.  I sketched this plan as I pondered how to make the best use of the space.  The room that was previously a formal living room that we never used would be the best place for our bedroom.

This is what the rooms looked like after the carpet was removed.

I saw the other carpeted bedroom as a perfect master bathroom with an office and wardrobe.  As you can see by the drawing, it makes sense.  It was the boys shared room.  He had already made a beautiful bedroom for them in the basement earlier in the summer.  They were relocated a month before and the room was presently empty.  Here is the basement before we added the room for the boys…

He had to relocate all the ductwork and plumbing, add electrical and frame up some walls…

On went the drywall and the paint.  We chose a nice grey color and added insulation on the floor to keep the cold out in the winter.  That can be cold on the toes!

Finally, he added the nice flooring we took out of our old barn house.  Its so nice when you have some building materials around to use up.  He put up some white wooden trim that he painted, added the doors, and moved their two beds in and dressers.  It is a really nice bedroom.

After all the carpets were up, we made the whole for the doorway between the master bedroom and the future bathroom.  I made this little video to show the start of the process and the excitement that went along with it.

Mark started putting up the walls and added all the intricate electrical and plumbing that will be needed.

The drywall went up and the beautiful grey paint.

On a small budget, of course, we searched Craigslist and other second hand shops to find materials for our remodeling project.  We found this classy marble double sink with mirror on Craigslist for $300 (normally a $1300 unit), because it had been damaged.  It’s good enough for country folk such as ourselves.  There are long cracks in the marble, but you can hardly notice it as far as I am concerned!  You can’t make the cabinet for that price and we even got the mirror!  God is good.

He started the shower which was one of the biggest projects of all.  We ended up going with a white subway tile.  It is so luxurious looking.  I am not used to the modern look but I truly love it.  It is clean and bright to me.

After Mark painted the doors, trim, installed the flooring, added the fixtures, it came to life.  Wow.  This bathroom is like a dream to me.  I have a little office to the right where I can write and be creative and to the left, a wardrobe.  Is it safe to say that I am living like a Queen?  I feel like royalty with this bathroom.  Its so fancy and on a small budget, too.  I am so blessed.

The bedroom is just as luxurious to me.  I can’t believe this is my home.  Having such a handy husband is a gift.  He is truly amazing.

In the meanwhile, my husband was also raising a barn for a neighbor.  He started with driving the posts into the ground…

Up went the joists and rafters…

It was starting to take shape one level at a time…

Our boys were up there helping him…

The metal roof really looks amazing…

Here is my man on top of the world over the barn he drew out on paper weeks before.  Its a masterpiece.

The finished barn looks out of a storybook.  It is the kind of barn I would dream to have one day.  I know who I can hire to build it.  He happens to be my other half.  It is a work of art!

This was the year of resting the homestead.  We are used to raising most of our food instead of raising barns for neighbors, but it sure has been fun for all of us.  Its a bit of a break.  Our Moo cow is still pleasantly grazing the pasture outside our front window.  She will calve this December and then we will be in the land that flows with Milk and Honey, literally.

I missed having chickens and a big garden to harvest but life has its seasons.  Next year will be filled with more homesteading adventure.  The good news is that we may get to do some chicken trading for more land so we can have the space we need to farm.  It is a miracle.

We have great neighbors here and they were kind to share some of their beautiful harvest with us. God always provides.  I was able to make a big pot of homemade Chili soup.  It fed my family for two days and what a comfort for my heart.  I love to feel the closeness I get when I touch something that God yielded from the earth.  What a treasure.

The Summer Story continues.  I still have so much to catch you up on.  Next post I will share with you our amazing Homeschooling adventure.  I have found the secret to make the school exciting and come to life.  I will teach you.  I can share all my favorite ideas.

Stay tuned. I  would love to hear from you.  Your comments are so valuable to me as it helps me know if my posts are helpful and what direction I can go in the future to make something that is an encouragement to you!  God bless!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Story Pt 2 (Remodeling and Barn Raising)”

  1. I absolutely love that double sink- and hey, a crack is simply character, am I right? You guys are doing so many amazing things! From our homestead to yours, I hope y’all have a wonderful day!

    1. Yes, it is character! Love character! You are right! Thank you so much, Krystal! Love hearing from you on your homestead!

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