Erin's Top Ten Kitchen Hacks

Necessity is the Mother of Invention! I started out a young wife who knew nothing of how to make my way through the kitchen some 20 years ago. It is embarrassing to admit that the only thing I could cook was packaged foods in the microwave. I did not understand anything about organization. My kitchen cabinets were stuffed to bursting.

Ask my mother. She will confess. She will tell the tale of her Erin who was a slob and a flighty girl whose head was always in the clouds. I was off painting or dreaming instead of in the kitchen learning from one of the best cooks in the world. Well, although my mom was making the most amazing meals and had a spotless home, she was not a clean cook. Cleanly cooking, but not putting away things right away. You could eat off her floors they were so clean, but when she was cooking, well, it was a whirlwind at times. I think it was my mothers expression of pure art as she got lost in the moment. Her deepest joy in when she is cooking.

Her mother told me it drove her nuts that my mother and her sisters when they cook they leave everything on the counter tops. The cleaner upper had to then put a thousand things away. I was the cleaner upper after my mothers artful cooking. I always dragged my feet. Now I found out how to twirl and sing and enjoy both cooking and cleaning at the same time and it is my greatest joy as a homemaker!

Grandma told gave me some lessons on cooking and while cooking she taught me how to easily put things back where they belong instead of simply set them down on the counter top. Washing dishes while you wait for onions to simmer is another handy trick. I am so thankful I had my mother and grandmother around to teach me what they did best in the kitchen! The best of both worlds.

Over the years as I was satisfying my hunger to learn and grow in my calling as a keeper of my home, I have found so many helpful ways of doing things that seemed to save time and stream line things. I made this helpful video with my daughter to show you my top 10 kitchen hacks. And if you do not know, hacks are just a modern way of saying TIPS. I so appreciate your feedback, so if you have things that I could make a video on using your ideas, just leave them in the comments below. This week Megan could film me doing your HACKS! Fun!

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