DIY Wrinkle Treatment

Wincing in pain for all those years I suffered from nerve disease, all the emotional trauma, and all the squinting as I read or look at photos, has left its toll on my skin.  For those six long years of pain, I held my face in a constant form of crunching my muscles that lie between my eyes on my forehead, thus damaging the skin God gave me.  Although I could not help it at the time, nor did I even realize when I was doing it as it was a major habit, I can do things to help heal the damages to the precious skin of my face.

It is not vain to want to heal your skin if you have damaged it.  Just like a person puts a cast on when they brake a bone, or bandages on the wounds, we can do our part to help heal any area that has suffered some damage.  All women like to look nice and revitalized in their faces or bodies.

Eating a natural diet, drinking plenty of water, getting sufficient rest, and using good supplementation to heal from the inside out is a great start.  You can make sure to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized as well.  That most certainly will go a long way.

But what if you do all those things and you still have the number 11 in-between your eyebrows that has left a permanent feature from all those years of squinting.  Well, the good news is that you can do something about it now.

I have friends that get Botox.  While that does work, it is super expensive, not permanent, and comes with some risks.  Just the name, Botox, sounds really poisonous.  It actually comes from Botulism.  Botulism in your face???  Yikes!  It is not a solution I would ever consider.

I tried massaging it, or concentrating on not squinting, I rubbed natural, anti-aging creams over it, and I put these paper stickers on just to see what would help.  Nothing.  It is not that critical, but I am one of these people that LOVES to find solutions to every day issues in life so I went to my drawing board and came up with an experiment.

One day, just for kicks and giggles, I took some of our clear packing tape and randomly cut it into a forehead shape and stuck it to my face.  I attempted to smooth out the crevices and was astounded how easy it was!  Actually, my children were laughing because they thought mom was on another one of her hair brained ideas and I would be screaming in no time as I attempted to peel off the tape.  Nope!  No pain at all!  It came off very gently.  And to everyone’s surprise, it worked!  The lines were virtually gone.  I have never seen anything work that fast, after only 15 min of application.

I continued this method using the same piece of tape, even though it was not as sticky, it still stuck and it still took out those lines like a charm.  What I noticed is that it not only took the lines out temporarily, they seemed to have a chance to heal properly for the first time.  I was giving my muscles and my skin a bit of a holiday!

Just to be sure, I tested this out on myself for the past couple weeks.  I figured if it was going to react with my super sensitive skin it would have caused a flare in my already dry skin.  I was amazed that I did not have any sort of residual reaction at all, just a lovelier looking forehead.

The coolest part is that it is so inexpensive!  You only need a few supplies which you may already have laying around the house.

I even made up a handy template for you to download for free and you can follow this easy step by step video as well.  Hope you enjoyed this beauty tip!  Let me know how it works for you!  I love hearing from you!

Download A Printable Template

Get a PDF version so you can print it and cut it out to make a homemade face patch for wrinkles.

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