Charity in Dress Etiquette

Etiquette in Dress Charity “Doth not behave itself unseemly…” I Corinthians 13:5 To behave unseemly, you would be acting inappropriately, against good womanly etiquette.  If you have the law of charity inscribed on your heart, you will practice good etiquette. Etiquette for women has changed throughout history in many ways.  When I was a little […]

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Community Life

Rolling hills and fences flowing, Horses pull wagons for hay mowing. Smells so sweet the fresh mown hay, It lays along rows where the grasshoppers play. The men are in the fields hard at work now, Workin the land by the sweat of their brow. They know the land like a mold they did cast,

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Winter Wash Day Woes

The washhouse is near completion and there are much woes for a homestead lady on washday during the winter months.   After my husband drove me many times in the horseless carriage to my mother’s home loaded down with many baskets of laundry to wash in her electric machine, I realized there must be some

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Busy Times

Early last Monday morning, Joe came knocking on our door.  We were just sitting down to breakfast and he says, “Get your things off the back porch washhouse, I am tearing it off today!”  Really?  We were not prepared, we never knew it would be that soon.  The kids and I could not do the

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Simply Joys

There are so many things each day to be thankful for that I can hardly keep up.  Our family is so blessed.  We really have found a good balance in life and keeping life down to the simple needs of living makes for precious fellowship as a family.  Days are so full.  We work.  We

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